Just got mine yesterday.  Any tips?  Previously had a G4 - did go thru the well known G4 problems, readily fixed by LG.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Any on this board have a G6? This is

        Hoping you'll get some replies here, for both of our sakes -- I need to switch from this V10 to something and can't choose between the V20 and the G6. Are there any particular features you're looking for or comparisons you're hoping to draw? I'll be happy to share any research I come across!


        - Marissa

          • miket

            Re: Any on this board have a G6? This is

            I picked up the G6 over the weekend. I wanted to take advantage of the free Google home device thaht LG was offering up through yesterday.  That basically brought the price of the phone down another hundred dollars to $400. That would have meant the V20 - would have cost more! I'm not sure it is kosher   to mention it here, but Costco is now selling  TM branded S8 phones for $600.   I guess I am hoping I won't be sorry for not having spent another $200.

            In the two days I've had the phone, everything seems to be working okay. Did take several hours to set up the dozens of apps I had on the old G4.  On some apps, I had to reenter the login information

            In my mind, the "free" tablet    isn't worth anything-at least to me. I'll try and find someone to give it to.

            I'll report back in a week or two

              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Any on this board have a G6? This is

                Hey, miket !


                Setting up new phones isn't a fun task but it shouldn't take several hours. Besides the long set-up, how is your new G6 treatin' you so far?

                  • miket

                    Re: Any on this board have a G6? This is

                      I had over 80 apps on my old G4.  Decided to delete about 10 of them.  Some apps required me to re-enter my login info, like a parking app I use.  Had to check each app to make sure it would work when needed.  Had to reset some pre-set defaults, like changing screen brightnss from "auto" to 100%.  "Auto" was way too dark, even in normal indoor conditions.  (I am outside moderately often - so want it at 100 anyway.  I change default from wifi preferred to cellular preferred to make sure I don't get on a voice call w. bad wifi/internet.  (I might change this for times when I want to do a video call.)

                       I don't use game apps.  Lots of travel related apps from airlines to Lyft/Uber.  Lots of TV apps so I can cast programs to the big screen.  (We get almost all channels in main home and can watch/cast most of them for the weeks we are at other home.)



                    Screen is SHARP.  Phone operation is FAST.  Pictures  are SHARP.   No video yet.