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    I know I have had my share of these overly fluffy conversations.


    Not that I mind a casual chit chat, but sometimes I just need a quick answer without the verbal dog and pony show.


    I had one rep see my avatar and he spent 10 min and 4 messages quizzing me on its meaning and origins, then tried to fit as many puns and known-to-him facts regarding said avatar into the discussion.


    I found it mildly entertaining, but thankfully I wasn't in a rush that time.



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        I think it's great and horrible at the same time


        I've had interactions with other companies via their online chats / support and try to be mildly over-the-top, simply because I know how much flack they probably get with the rest of their conversations (from a customer side, if you're a little over-the-top cheerful, it may put a smile on the other's face and a better chance you'll get what you want if it's in their power).


        And, I understand why T-Force is probably trying to be over-the-top... Usually, it's a frustrated customer and they want to bring a smile back.


        I think the script can be improved.  The "oh no" sentences can get read as condescending (probably because too many Internet videos have turned it into sarcasm).  And the wordiness makes it seem like the communication is reduced to 3-year-old tween level instead of adults, but using adult words instead of those weird tween words.

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            I guess it just seems more script-like the more you see the same type of responses. Like some  box of auto replies to choose from. And too, I suppose having each rep reveal their personality in each response might get dicey.


            Still though... #urmegherd

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                Re: #over #the #top

                From a Customer Service standpoint, I get the script thing.  You want a consistent image coming out.  It's a problem with customer facing, but goes all over. If you look around carefully, most in-person interaction has a script they follow (I saw it at Office Max yesterday sitting on top of the register screen... fast food chains generally have it on the screen before they take an order or on top of their screen where you see a promo deal on your side..  Sears even has it in their set of cards they keep on their lanyard with their name badge).


                In fairness, some people don't have a 'personality' to let out.  I usually call them "introverts" (and I'm still mostly one -- 13 months waiting tables at Waffle House a number of years ago started 'curing' that, but not enough).  They need that script to give them comfort.


                And, I understand T-Mo is working on being the "hip company" (I mean, look at their advertising), so #hashtags are the way to go.  It looks like the folks in the T-Force roles are young and hip enough that it works for them... which means I'm probably more like Freddie and Stuart from BBC's "Vicious" when they went out to a club (I won't paste a link to one of the Youtube videos I saw this morning as I was trying to come up with said analogy because there's a line not acceptable in the US, but apparently perfectly acceptable in the UK in it).


                But, I won't let my fuddy-duddy-ness keep me from being snarky in here.  After all, I'm just a T-Mobile customer

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                    Take it from me as you well know yourself. 20+ years in retail and retail management. I know all about the scripts. My employees reminded me often that they weren't robots.


                    Scripts aside, the fastest way to an answer is a rep's ability to find an answer or better yet, already know the answer. Training.






                    if that helps.