Favorite Cheap Bourbon


    I saw an article on yahoo listing cheap bourbon for around $25.


    Mine is Buffalo Trace.

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        Buffalo Trace is an allocated item In most states. Though the demand has now slacked off considerably as summer has arrived and beer sales increase along with flavored vodkas.


        The hype was escalated to move sales even though the distilleries will never be able to meet the supply for the demand. It also is dependent on your state and whether it is controlled or not. Ohio Michigan Pennsylvania New Hampshire Oregon West Virginia Alabama and North Carolina are controlled I believe meaning it is almost impossible to find without a brand representative initiating a deal with certain wholesalers in some of those states and also increases the price by the states markup and the wholesalers markup. That would be an increase of 30-60%. Some or all control states have retail stores and come close to that $25 area of price.


        Knob Creek is smoother than Maker's Mark and cheaper than Maker's 46 and all from the same distillery.


        Thats my choice when I'm not going stupid cheap on a 1.75 handle of Heaven Hill for $16.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Favorite Cheap Bourbon

          If I'm trying to relive my bartending glory days by drinking house-quality (read: cheap) bourbon, I'll grab some Evan Williams and call it a night.

          These days, though, there isn't much opportunity for that in my kid-filled universe, so a bottle of Woodford lives right next to our glassware and is slowly depleted over the course of months. It might not be the lowest price, but when consumed in teeny quantities on blue moons only, it's affordable.


          - Marissa


          PS -- Buffalo Trace is great, though. In my rock and roll past life the band were big Fighting Cook (supply your own consonant in place of the second 'o' in Cook) fans.

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              Evan isn't bottom shelf. The white label 100 proof bottled in bond version definitely is...and will about ruin your whole next 3 days. Kentucky Tavern and Kentucky Gentleman and Heaven Hill are bottom. If Aristocrat made a bourbon it would be too. Ugh.


              Glenfidich and Glenlevet (sp) are mildly popular here as well as Blantons, Angels Envy, Virgil Kane, and while it's a whisky, Hyde and obviously Jameson and Bushmills in the Irish sector.

            • gramps28

              Re: Favorite Cheap Bourbon

              The CVS by me had Jim Beam single barrel half off for about 3 months and

              that was a great buy at $20 a bottle. Went through a few of them.


              Some of my favorite Bourbons are from Orphan. Their Forged Oak is great and if you want a 117 proof

              bottle try the Gifted Horse.

              • tmo_lauren

                Re: Favorite Cheap Bourbon

                My go to for under $25 Bourbon is probably Four Roses with the yellow label, although Buffalo Trace is pretty close.


                I sort of want to try and find Heaven Hill though, lol.



                • tidbits

                  Re: Favorite Cheap Bourbon

                  I don't drink that stuff sadly


                  I drink either Sake, or Soju.