I miss the "Old" T-mobile!


    For years I was so very happy with "my T-Mobile" and recommended them to everyone. The primary reason was the excellent and caring customer service I received each and every time I called. I felt cared about and like the company valued me as a customer. I stuck with T-Mobile through rumors of buyouts and stood steadfast in their court and at their side. I truly was one of their biggest fans and could never imagine going to another carrier.


    In the past 6 months I have had one after another nightmare experiences with customer support. One customer service rep in the retention department actually told me that the directive "from the top" was that the representatives were being limited on what they could do to assist dissatisfied customers. My nightmare started when my daughter who has an insurance plan on her line broke her iPhone 6s that I had bought her not even a year prior. The store representative told us that if she purchased a new iPhone 7 that she could still get the 6s repaired under the insurance plan. When I called back to get it repaired I was told that it could not be because the line had already been switched to the iPhone 7 and the 6s was no longer covered. The representative didn't even sound apologetic or remorseful that we had been duped. In the past 4 months since that event I have had to call many other times for things ranging from my phone no longer receiving or sending texts from my home (even though I had been able to just a month prior), to trying to "tie" my son's old phone to my phone number after purchasing him a new galaxy S8 through T-Mobile and being told I had to pay $26 to get a new sim sent to me (no-one mentioned this previously even though I explained to the representative what I had planned when I discussed the purchase prior to ordering online - not that that surprises me anymore). Each time I call I get the feeling that I am truly of no value to T-Mobile and that they could care less if I was happy or unhappy with their service. I really can say I have only had one truly authentic and good customer experience with T-Mobile in the past 6 months. I wish I would have written down her name so I could use her as an example of what all T-Mobile customer service reps should strive to be.


    I really wonder what has happened to T-Mobile's leadership team in the past year to so drastically and negatively impact their customer service but it really is terribly sad. I wish they could somehow magically become the "old T-Mobile" that I have known and loved all of these years. They truly did have the absolute best customer service of any company I had ever dealt with. I miss the T-Mobile I once knew!!

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        Re: I miss the "Old" T-mobile!

        I hear ya. I was a happy t-mobile customer for years, then I was accused of dropping my phone in water and the rep shrugged and said, "Nothing I can do". I was willing to pay for a new phone, but this guy just thought I was looking for something free. I rage quite T-mobile for a few years, came back for a few years and now I am being jerked around about the new buy one S8, get one free promotion.


        T-mobile is not what it used to be.

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          Re: I miss the "Old" T-mobile!

          I remember (i think it was in 2011) I called T-Mobile to ask about something on my bill.... the lady helped me, and said to me, She notices that I have a phone line on my account that have international calling would I like to add international calling on the other line for $10 dollars.... I said "NO" because I know how companies are, they try and get you to signup for everything and before you know it your bill looks like a car payment. She was very nice, and didn't just hang up on me after i said "No". She explained, "Sir, you are paying $15 for international calling and international text for one line... you would save alot by me adding the same features on your other phone and you will pay only $10 a month.... she further explained if you add more lines to your account.... each line would inherit the international calling and text and you will only pay $10 for all of the lines!!!!!! after she explained it to me... i said "YES, ADD IT"..... I wish i remembered her name..... i am so happy for her.... now today i have 5 lines (3 of them are the free promotional lines) and all of the lines have international calling for only $110 bucks a month plus taxes and fees.... I sleep well at night when it comes to my phone bill. And i have had so many issues getting those credits for the free lines.... i think finally it has been corrected.... But now.... i wanted to increase a tablet line i have from the "On Demand Plan" to 2GB but I'm sure if i do that.... a rep will sabotage my entire account.... and I will wake up the next morning to find out I have inadvertently been migrated to the T-Mobile ONE Plan.... I will just keep my plan the way it is... im afraid the new T-Mobile Reps will mess up what it took me 7 years to put together