TMO doesn't honor their promotions....



    I signed up for sep 2016 iPhone trade up offer to trade in 6 old iphones, offer valid from 9/8-9/18.  They had me sign up for eip plan which I did. They were going to credit my account for price of the phones monthly. Only 2 of the lines on my account were being credited. When I called in about the other 4 iPhones, they said that promo had ended. Which is not true since I purchased all the phones on 9/15. I have all the documentation to prove it. They had a concurrent promo running at the time which started on 9/15 for "One" rate plan customers but that is not offer I signed up for. All the dates are clearly on explore which I tried to explain to all they reps but they apparently can't understand English and are all confused.


    I have called them numerous times totally more than 6 hours trying to sort this out. Tmo reps gave me every excuse possible, like this offer was for new customers only, had to be on "one" plan, you are getting such a good rate plan now so its as if your getting the phone credits anyways. They basically called me a liar because I told them I had screenshots of promo with apple photo time stamp. They said I could have changed the time stamp on my photo so they can't accept photos.  What???#^#% Are you serious??


    They kept changing their story, after expressing my frustration, they decided to give me bill credit of $400. After 2 weeks of bill credit on my account, out of nowhere decide to charge my credit card for the $400. So this months bill is almost $800!!!!! What is going on????? I call rep and all they can do is "escalate".


    After waiting weeks still without an answer, when I called them again. Rep said there is no answer all I can do is escalate and wait to hear from us. So frustrating and more waiting.  Think twice before giving tmo your credit card for autopay. Also they do not honor their promotion even though it is clearly on their website. This is false advertisement. They will give you runaround & excuses.  Is there anything I can do? Can anyone help? I can't afford to be paying 4 phones at full price, i would've just kept my old phones.

    I'm at my wits end with T-Mobile, I use to brag to everyone how great they are but not anymore. I use to tell people to switch, but not anymore. I just want them to honor their promotion on my account.

    Thank you

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      • stevetjr

        Re: TMO doesn't honor their promotions....

        I would recommend trying T-Force on FB. Contact Us


        They have a really good track record of getting problems sorted out.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, magenta1407433, and welcome to the Support Community -- I wish we were meeting you under better circumstances! I noticed that you posted on a few threads, and we hear you loud and clear. I don't blame you one bit for your frustration; it sounds like you've put forth a ton of effort to try to get to the bottom of what's going on with your promotion credits; which is terribly disappointing since they should just be there.

          I know there is an escalation process for missing credits in Customer Care, as we've systematically applied back-credits in many cases (we've had a few users report back with this experience, which is great). Basically, the escalation process as I understand it requires waiting until the end of the existing bill cycle to ensure that any pending adjustments are applied, and if the issue continues, then a leadership team is consulted to ensure eligibility.
          From here, we're limited in our ability to assist. Since this is a public user forum, we don't have the account access necessary to review individual account records, order history, trade-in details, and the like. But we absolutely want you to get a clear answer as soon as possible, rather than waiting for follow-up. Were you provided a timeline for when you'd be hearing back? Were you working with our Care team or the Promotions team? Lastly, have you had the opportunity to reach out to T-Force as stevetjr suggested? They're our social media team, and are able to verify accounts in Twitter or FB via DM or PM, so they can review the kind of personal information without compromising your security - since you're already online, that might be a fantastic resource for you! You can return to their message thread with them for any follow-up needed, and perhaps the biggest added benefit is that since they're an online team you could easily link them to the promo page you're looking at so you can compare notes.

          I am so sorry to see that this has dragged on for so long with the bulk of the devices you ordered, but thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience here. Please keep us posted on what our T-Force team is able to determine -- I sincerely hope we're able to get to the bottom of this for you quickly.


          - Marissa

          • tmo_amanda

            Re: TMO doesn't honor their promotions....

            Happy Friday, magenta1407433 !


            I'm just stopping by to see if you were able to get in touch with T-Force regarding the iPhone 6 TradeUp promo. As Marissa mentioned above, please keep us in the loop.