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    I was on a pre-paid plan from Oct 2014-Feb 2017 with Stateside International Talk. I travel internationally frequently, and when abroad, while I would not get access to phone/internet on cellular, when connected to Wifi, T-mobile wifi would show up as the carrier, and I could make calls/send texts etc.


    I used to call India (one of the countries included in Stateside International Talk) as well from my pre-paid number when roaming and on Wifi, and I never got charged ANYTHING extra.


    I recently upgraded to T-mobile One postpaid plan, with One Plus and Stateside International Talk. Last month when in India, I tried doing the same (make calls to an Indian number on wifi), but saw that I have been billed $0.20 per min. Why is this discrepancy between prepaid and postpaid? I find it hard to fathom that I am paying more for my postpaid service than my prepaid but I am getting charged for something that was basically free when I was a prepaid customer.


    Can an expert here help me out on this please? Thanks!


    PS: I tried calling customer support, and while they were very helpful, their knowledge was restricted to postpaid plans. They didn't know how prepaid billing worked, which is why I am posting here in the hopes of getting an authoritative clarification.

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      • navar

        Re: Wifi Calling on pre-paid vs post-paid



        I Also noted the same behavior. When in India, I use to turn OFF roaming, and make calls using "Wifi Calls Only" and use "Wi-Fi" without roaming charges. But, on my recent trip to India I was charged outrageous amount (unfortunately, I had balances in my PRE-paid account added just before the trip).


        The strangest of these charges are: They are NOT EVEN NATIVE calls through T-Mobile, but calls initiated from "RebTel".   For the app, I pay $10/month for unlimited India calls...  On checking with T-Mobile, they don't have a clear answer and say that international calls will be charged whether I am making the calls through "Wi-Fi" or "Network".  


        They're not so educated or technical enough to understand the underlying problem and refund me. Any better solution?


        Lesson learnt: Never top up your balance till the renewal date... TMobile will SUCK YOUR MONEY.

        • tidbits

          Re: Wifi Calling on pre-paid vs post-paid

          Seems to me and I am unsure if this is what RebTel does.  Since it is an internet call and there is a toll or termination cost they pass the buck onto the carrier.  The carrier then passes it on to the consumer who placed the calls.  Don't know India communication laws and it might be best to check to see what has changed since the last time you went to India.

            • navar

              Re: Wifi Calling on pre-paid vs post-paid

              Thank You tidbits


              Not sure, but, I have been using the Rebtel app for long! So, what you're saying is that when I was in India and when I was connected to "WI-FI Only" with "No Data Roaming",

              1) the calls made/initiated on RebTel goes through T-Mobile

              2) as the calls are routed through T-Mobile, it's considered as a T-Mobile call



              (A) if the calls are to "USA", then as per point#2, it should not be a problem as it's a T-Mobile USA call

              (B) if the calls are to "India", then as per point#2, it will be considered as an international call to India on T-Mobile (Wi-Fi/Cellular)?


              So, for 2.B, is the possible calls that they'are charging me?  Please let me know.. I am trying to understand.


              So, are you saying that "RebTel" is NOT working on "Internet" (i.e., not VoIP)?




                • tidbits

                  Re: Wifi Calling on pre-paid vs post-paid

                  Even if the call goes to the US it has to start in India and if their laws has a tariff or fee to do so then they would pass it on to T-Mobile to initiate the call.  You have to check with India law to rule out.  T-Mobile reps will not know all foreign laws.