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    Hey everyone! Thanks for helping us find that sneaky Legere Doll. We are tallying up the results now and will post the winners here in the Magenta Lounge tomorrow 5/5. In the meantime, you can check out the full list of all the locations he visited here.



    4G LTE CellSpot overview

    Backup, Buttercup!
    Battery: Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
    Block unwanted numbers, calls, and text messages
    Building a better website
    Change your billing and e911 address
    Change your plan
    Check your usage
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    Community Manager profile images
    Community Manager profile images
    Community Manager profile images
    Community Manager profile images
    Community Showcase: Pet Edition
    Congratulations to T-Mobile on 71.5 million subscribers
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    Diagnostic Metrics
    Email messages: ALCATEL ONETOUCH Pop Astro
    Forum FAQ's - DRAFT
    GPS: T-Mobile Aspect
    Icons indicators & buttons: T-Mobile Prism
    Internal storage (ROM): LG Optimus F6
    International roaming services
    LTE Advanced(er than the others)
    Manage messages: Samsung Gear Fit
    Menu tree: HTC Amaze 4G
    Messaging (SMS/MMS): Samsung T259
    Music player: Apple iPhone 7 Plus
    Official Magenta Meet n' Greet Thread
    Pay As You Go Gold Rewards
    Pokémon Goooooooooooo
    Refill your Pay in Advance (Prepaid) account
    Reset your Pay in Advance PIN
    One Stop Shop: Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+
    Schedule a payment
    Set up My T-Mobile permissions
    Setup guide to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
    Signal issues on device
    Software update: Motorola CLIQ 2
    community profile contest
    Supported T-Mobile networks
    Tech specs: Apple iPhone 7
    Tech specs: Apple iPhone 7 Plus
    Text to speech: Apple iPhone 7 Plus
    T-Mobile ONE
    Unlock your mobile wireless device
    Voice commands: LG G3
    Wi-Fi Calling
    Word Association
    Get to know the team

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