How to get bamboozled for the un-unlimited data...


    Does any other post-paid or pre-paid customer feel as though they're not getting the data service T-mobile seems to boast of giving so readily?

    It's an on going tug of war I seem to have every month and I've come to know of all the unscrupulous things that is done by the company to give the customer the impression they are giving their best service when In all actuality the companies policy is to profit at all cost to their paying public.

    1. When you are billed 10 days before the billing cycle is done, it accrues a flow of cash into an account more than the number of months there are in a year.

    2. If you pay to have unlimited data and you are slowed to 3G and sometimes 2G after using 30GB when there is network congestion in your area, Why isn't there a balance roll over when in times you've experienced a bad connection long before the 30GB limit has been used?

    3. Why when communicating, notifying, and getting agreement from support of any changes necessary to an account, it's never recorded by customer service if it benefits the customer. And online service is not available "try later" you're told. When getting through, what appeared at sometime before seems to just go away  if it's beneficial to or in favor to the customer?

    4. Why when a customer has a grievence they or an issue, they are so cordially passed from reps to tech's to supervisor, their information that was once correct now somehow has been documented wrong, only to be appeased and told something different as an answer by each serving department of corrections to be made, yet after hanging up to go back where you started from.

    Paying for service that you're not getting the full benefit of?

    I'll accept a slow down after 30GB used

    But 4G service I haven't had since the company realized I am a customer who will use The data I was told i would have when i signed on the dotted line and not a month later with the ammended statement of a slow down... if there is that much congestion then why advertise having more coverage?

    Anybody else feel as though cell phone companies think they're customers are uneducated consumers to be had?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        All their advertisements state at what point you'll be de-prioritized.  This has happened at least since the number was something like 21GB.  Something about the law and fine print.  It's even stated on their radio ads.


        I believe T-Mobile is still the highest threshold before de-prioritization of all the carriers (Legere has been trolling Verizon lately for it).  So, if you don't like being de-prioritized by T-Mobile, you're definitely not going to like the competition.


        Remember - cell providers aren't wanting to be your ISP.  The folks who run copper lines to your house already do a horriblefine job at that and have the infrastructure to handle it.  You can send more bits through physical media than you can through the air (which is why wired connections in your home / office communicate much faster than the ones running wirelessly).  So, cell providers are still REALLY WANTING you to use your WiFi as much as you can so you're not on their network causing the aforementioned congestion.


        (Do note this reply came from someone who does not connect his cell phone to his home WiFi.  But, I also use like 5-7GB/mo.)