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    I live in Georgia. I bought used apple iPhone 6 by internet site. It was working as a sim free phone  on Georgian mobile networks. Several days ago I reseted my iPhone. After the reset the phone requested for activation T-mobiles sim card. The phone does not work on Georgian mobile networks.

    Please, if possible, remove my phone from a T-mobiles network block so that I can use the Georgian mobile network.


    Thanks in advance


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      • gramps28

        Re: locked phone

        Sound like the phone was jail broke not unlocked. If it was legitimately unlocked I wouldn't sim lock.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: locked phone

          Hey there irakli8213!  I'm sorry to read about the unintended consequence of your reset.  Based on my personal experience; I would be inclined to agree with gramps28 in this situation - per Apple, devices that they have updated to an "open" activation ("unlocked") shouldn't be locked back to a network when you reset them.

          In this situation, my best recommendation would be to reach back out to the person you purchased the device from.  If they are or know the owner of this device, who used it on the T-Mobile network, then they can reach out to us to Unlock your mobile wireless device.


          - Marissa