News & UpdatesDiscussionsMagenta Lounge spent 7 hours on the phone trying to resolve several issues with T-Mobile( I know, Unreal). I do have a life and if I wasn't the plaintiff in litigation, I would have taken Sprint( though I think I will be right back here soon) or Verizon on their offers of 2 new I-phone 7+'s. unlimited everything, about the same as all in one, as a business owner I am loyal to those with whom I do business because I want the same.


    I have been a customer for 14 yrs. with T-Mobile, referred 25+ employees, friends, family, etc. I have had my up and downs but lately it has been a whole lot of downs, around the 1st of 2017 I was an hour away from having my services switched, I cancelled it at the last second. I have been down a path of deception, ignorance, and the occasional very helpful individual. Tomorrow I am deciding whether or not I should stay with T-Mobile.


    I bought 50 I-pads through T-Mobile, I have been assured by two former members of the "loyalty" Department that they can match or come close the other companies offers. Several quick questions....


    1) Does anyone know another individual that has been in my situation and never been compensated for it in one way or another?


    2) Why do CSR try to not get me on the phone with the loyalty department? Yes, physically stop, prohibit , disconnect. ( Solve the Problem themselves...) Nothing happens


    3) 7 hours+ today, 10 seconds from a very kind and understanding Rep named Michelle, whom randomly heard my 4 yr. old ask me if I could come help mommy( whom is pregnant). Bad service, no value in retention. what?


    Please provide feedback. I'm so pissed I think I would be joining Verizon either way, just figured I'd post since I have been dealing with this all day, which literally ruined my day and week.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Loyalty??

        Thanks so much for reaching out!


        Just so I can get a better grasp on the situation, were you made an official offer by an employee that there would be price match of some sort? Were these upgrades or for new lines of service?


        Thank you!



          • magenta1379779

            Re: Loyalty??

            stop screwing us with our plan,  my plan was $120 for 4 line, and have been changed, now back to basic plan.......lol

            • anthambermax

              Re: Loyalty??

              Yes, I was made more than one official offer. I was offered two IPhone 7+, unlimited everything by both Sprint and Verizon, I was literally an hour away from switching and then I called in and was told that "loyalty" would fix the issue. Oh and $650 towards bill of nothing . Offered to send copies of both offers.


              nothing happens.


              I am posed because I am paying 180 for everything and one of my 20 yr old employees walks in one day and has 2 phones for 100 bucks, same offer, he had been a customer for 15 minutes

            • stevetjr

              Re: Loyalty??

              anthambermax  are you dealing with the regular CSR's?  It sounds like you are using T-Mobile for your business, they actually have a business sales group now, just wondering if that might be a better solution for you if you aren't already using that avenue within T-Mobile.

                • anthambermax

                  Re: Loyalty??

                  I've done both, once I bought the 50 iPads, I was switched back to "normal".


                  I have been treated well in the past, now everyone I speak with is a specialist and can fix the situation

                • notahappycamper123

                  Re: Loyalty??

                  Just have to agree totally with you - I could not have said it better myself. I have the exact same sad experiences in the past 4-6 months. I too LOVED their service and was very loyal. (sigh)

                  • tmo_lauren

                    Re: Loyalty??

                    anthambermax Typically it's pretty involved to change the account type and can't be done right after purchase, you should still have access to your business rep if you previously had one, especially if it was their offer.


                    We don't have physical copies of offers to provide, but there are notes supposed to be left in the account.


                    If these notes do exist, you should definitely reach out to our T-Force team and see if they can do some searching and help find what's going on!

                    • ericatwood

                      Re: Loyalty??

                      I been with Tmobile over 12 years and there is no customer loyalty regardless of what tmobile says. We recently tried to upgrade or get a deal on similar phones to what we using.  We got the loyal customer BS and then they offered us the Note 8 for over 30 per month, the same offer as buying the phone as a new customer. They also offered us a note 5 to  replace my note 4 which are both over 2 years old and worth nothing. they also offered ne 55 dollars for my Note 4 tradein for which they would sell to another sucker for more than triple that price. Tmobile cares only about the money you spend, no such thing as customer loyalty or there is and you won't get anything for 12 yrs. Should've switched years ago.


                      Go to another provider with a better deal and a similar contract

                        • snn_555

                          Re: Loyalty??

                          Contracts no longer exist. You are a new customer every month that you re-up and pay for your service. With no contracts your only obligation is to pay off the phone and either 24 months or less. Once you pay off the phone if you were paying only one you were no longer under any obligation to any carrier.