You won't let me unlock my phone, and you lied


    I called to unlock my phone since I'm travelling to another country. Your rep said "oh you can't unlock it because you only paid $49 and you need $100 in refills to unlock it." In the past I also paid money. I loaded another $45 card, I put $12 on for pay as you go, but you only look at a recent transactions? What happened to the money I paid in the past? Did it just magically disappear? Either way, you won't see another dime from me unless you unlock my phone. I don't give money to liars and cheaters.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Yikes!  This is definitely not what we want you to feel when you're trying to ask us for help unlocking your equipment.  I know there are eligibility requirements to Unlock your mobile wireless device - including a minimum refill amount when you're using the device on Pay In Advance/Pay As You Go service.  Can I ask if you were using the same phone on the same line when you made your previous payments?  I'd hate for us to hold you up in completing your unlock because of an error on our part.  We're in a bind in this forum as we don't have account access, but if the refills you've completed total over $100 on the same mobile number/IMEI combo, then we'd love for you to contact our T-Force team so that we can get this squared away for you.  Like us, they can be reached online - through Twitter or Facebook - but they do have the added benefit of being able to securely verify your number and PIN so that they can review the refill record and get this unlock request filed.  Please give us another chance to look this over and take care of you!


        - Marissa

          • magenta1354530

            To answer your question, I was using the same phone on the same line when I made previous payments. Thank you for the information on T-Force; I had no idea they even existed. I will give it a try, but if it's a really big hassle to try and get this resolved, I think I'm just going to buy a new phone at this point.

              • tmo_marissa

                Thank you for filling me in - in that case, it definitely sounds like we've overlooked something.  The T-Force team is super easy to contact - if you're on Twitter, just tweet @tmobilehelp - and if you're on Facebook, just visit the T-Mobile FB page and click the "Message" option right below the cover photo.  We can securely verify your account details there and review the records.  I truly hope it won't be a hassle - I'd hate for you to worry about the expense of a new phone!


                - Marissa

              • 6613177418

                I have been trying for a year to get my Tmobile phone unlocked.  EVERY time it's an excuse.  It's a PAID for PAID UP ACCOUNT and they never sent me an unlock code when I asked last year.  Now because my account is cancelled, they say I have to have an active account to get an unlock code!?  Bunch of baloney.  I basically have a $600 phone that I cannot use.  I moved to the east coast from CA and Tmobile network did NOT work here.  They even checked coverage for me, and they basically said there was none in my area.  SO, I had to buy another phone (I bought an unlocked phone from Amazon) and went to a different carrier.  I still wanted my Samsung Galaxy S6 to be unlocked, because I love it, but unfortunately, I went to a Tmobile store today and they gave me the shaft.  So screw you Tmobile!

              • Every one of my Android phones that I have paid off were able to be unlocked within the next 5 to 10 minutes using the T-Mobile unlock app after doing so.