I just found a T-Mobile store


    This is regarding the T-Mobile store in Poway. Address "13379 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064"


    I can't believe such store exists with bunch of stupid associates and managers. They don't know what they're doing and when they make mistakes, they blame it to the customers and try to run away from it.


    Back in Feb when T-Mobile had a promotion for some free pre-paid phones when loading $100, I came to this store and asked for it, trying to reload $100 to my pay-as-you-go line. Although the promotion had been out for over a week, a group of 4-5 associates running around trying to figure out... what to do. At the end, one of them, without telling me, signed me up for.. a brand new $100 plan!!! Then told me "in order to get the phone, you'll have to sign up for a plan at least $100". When I said that's not what I want and not what the promotion says, and want it fixed, she simply said "it's already done, we can't fix it"... The told me to call T-Mobile to get it fixed. Of course it's not T-mobile's fault so they told me to come back to the store to get credit back.


    When I came back and keep confronting them, they admitted they made mistake and finally called and talked to the manager. He agreed to fix it by letting me use whatever on the plan for the first month and come back to convert the line to pay-as-you-go and get $100 back, but in 2 visits every month, each time $50.


    After the first month, I came back and got $50, checked my phone and verified it was $50. Then, another month passed, I came back again, met another guy. He said "The guy who helped you already moved to another store, you have to contact him to get help".. That's B.S!!


    When I disagreed, he went to the back and talked to the manager and came back "We already credited you $100 before, it shows on our record, so now we can't credit you more"!!!! That's totally B.S. again as they only credited me $50. The manager came out and told me the same thing. After a while, he realized that I'm right and agreed to credit me another $50, but keep telling in front of my daughter "She's used up $100...", "I'm telling you she's using up your money". At the end, he rudely tore off the original invoice (which has my #, pin, etc...) in front of both of us.


    On the way home, my daughter was so curious that she did something wrong and used up my money.. and was afraid of what happened.


    I just can't believe T-Mobile has a store like this with such stupid and rude associates AND manager who don't know what to do and keep making mistakes, blame it on customer.  (It was today 5/1/2017 at around 5PM).

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      • mrgreen25

        I had a similar interaction with a store by me.  I had done a Jump upgrade online but must have not selected the very small box that said that I had a trade-in.  I had a feeling things were going south when I received the new phone and there was no return box or label.  I went to the store to return the older phone thinking they would be able to credit me but no such thing.  Not very helpful for a customer that spends about 300 per month on their services.  They told me that since I didn't check the box during the on-line upgrade that I had a trade-in they couldn't do anything.  I asked them then why would I have the Jump service on the phone if I wasn't going to use it?  They were not friendly nor helpful in trying to get this cleared up.  The associate simply wanted to move to the next customer since I wasn't going to get him a commission. 


        T-Mobile corporate should check these sort of things out because word of mouth from customers does have some weight.  Now I have a phone that I need to pay off without service - what a pile of crap!  I guess they think it was my fault for not selecting the right thing on-line.  When you select the Jump upgrade button there should not be a need to then tell the system I have a trade-in, it should be implied!


        They need to get some helpful store associates that actually care about the customer that is keeping them in a job.

        • magenta1371228

          Couple more details just to see how dumb & rude those guys are, including the manager. When the manager showed up, he said "don't raise your voice on me!"... he acted like he's the boss talking to his guys. I guess T-Mobile promotes this type of personality in their stores to become managers?


          Then, when he looked at his computer, he looked at a record that shows $100 on Feb (which I initially paid when I first came to the store and they put me on $100 plan). He thought it was a credit amount that the store gave me and kept telling me that "we already gave you a credit of $100 back in Feb"... until later, he probably realized... I could imagine an associate might not have all the knowledge and might get confused when reading their own computer system, but this is the manager! Either he attempted to use that record to b.s and hope that he can get away from giving another $50, or he's just a dumb manager who can't read his own computer system.

          • tmo_lauren

            Re: I just found a T-Mobile store

            That's definitely the experience we want you to have anywhere our services are carried. Confusion happens, but there's not an excuse for not responding properly following.


            Have you had a chance to contact us directly and see if we can file for the store to be looked into?


            Contact Us


            Thank you!