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Any one have 2+2 free lines plan from Nov 2016


    I joined Tmobile 2+2 lines back in Nov 2016, paying $120+ tax for 4 lines. It seems to be a good deal. Fast forward to Jan 2017, I chose to change to Tmobile one tax/fee included, per Tmobile website, the new plan rate should be $130 including everything. But until now, the plan charge of my bill is still 120+20+20=160. Any one in the same boat as me? I could not find the original Tmobile description on its website. Google search found this,

    [Megathread] T-Mobile Next: Taxes & Fees Included Q&A : tmobile


    If I signed up for T-Mobile ONETM during the 4th line free promotion (or buy 2 get 2) will my price increase?

    As a reward for being an early adopter of T-Mobile ONE, customers on these earlier promotions are exclusively eligible for a new promotion that saves them even more money than their current monthly service charge after taxes/fees.

    • If you have the 4th line free promo, you currently pay $140 plus taxes and fees for 4 lines. The new offer for those customers is 4 lines for $150 with taxes and fees included. These customers will save even more money than with the promo
    • Buy 2 Get 2 price goes from $120 + taxes and fees to $130 with taxes and fees included.
    • You will lose any ‘free lines’ you have, but in virtually all cases you will save money vs either promotion.


    Messaging tmobile rep does not help much, any suggestions? is there any offer code for this?


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