Duplicate SMS on usage page? :D


    The my.t-mobile.com usage page now started to show every single SMS twice (so if I send one SMS, it shows I've sent two, received 2 SMS = received 4 etc). It doesn't cost anything, but still kind of weird

    Anybody else having the same problem with linked Digits SIM?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Duplicate SMS on usage page? :D

        bugabuga, that's super odd! I haven't heard of this happening before. Are you using the web portal, the DIGITS app, or the native messaging app when this happens? I have DIGITS as well and haven't noticed this but I'd love to look into it for you.

          • bugabuga

            Re: Duplicate SMS on usage page? :D

            I haven't used portal for a while. I have a duplicate line SIM and use Android Textra on primary phone (native iPhone SMS on the second line, but it's usually turned off for most of the time)

            Everything shows double in Text Messages of usage section -- incoming and outgoing. Here's an example of incoming:



            I presume usage section counts the duplicate line?

          • scotttampa@gmail.com

            Re: Duplicate SMS on usage page? :D

            Still happening to me when I send text from gear frontier dupe SIM shows twice on phone. No biggie, REAAAAALLLLY UPSET however they got rid of voice msg file txt on gear frontier.  Was so nice to click reply on watch and click microphone, speak my message and click send and choose voice or text, and choosing voice sent a voice clip of what I said, as samsung voice to text is so bad it NEVER writes what is said unless there's NO background noise AND I talk like a robot. So option to ignore the gibberish and send voice clip was removed,  now after the gibberish,  it just sends it without the prior option to send as txt or voice clip. They finally had a great way to reply with watch,  and now took it away...