Youtube Red and background app issue


    So I have a galaxy S7 and an S-view cover. Whenever the S-view cover is on and the screen is locked, the phone can play youtube fine. I have youtube red, so there isn't any problem running it in the background even when the phone is locked. However, usually only 2 songs will play and then it will not be able to load the next song. Only unlocking the phone will cause the next song to load. This happens even if I'm on my wireless network at home, or if I'm on the 4G network wherever. I've read that the battery saver will sometimes do this, but I'm running on high performance, and I've set as many background app options to allow as much data as possible. I have no idea what the answer could be because this never happened on my s6 and it wasn't happening before (it started to happen after the patch that changed the settings menus). Any ideas would be appreciated.

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