Cannot send text but I am receiving them


    Before I am asked to do these steps again, here is what i have done to resolve the problem (some repeatedly):


    Restarted my phone

    cleared system cache

    cleared message app cache & data

    verified my service center number is +12063130004

    verified my memory is not full (not even close)

    complete factory resets

    spent days with no additional apps on the phone

    tried 3rd party SMS apps

    received a NEW phone

    received a NEW SIM card


    there are likely other steps I have taken but I cannot think of any at the moment. I know I will be told to do the same things over and over again but there has to be something else. The last tech assured me that it is not the phone. I am going to switch carriers because I should not have this much stress sending a simple text message but It will be a week before i can get off work to do so. I would like to not deal with this in the interim. Is there a way to send messages online like Verizon offers?

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