Galaxy S8 Model Number


    Has anyone noticed that the US Galaxy S8's and S8+ all have the -U (ie SM-G950U) designation now?  Then the last 3 digits of the model number like SM-G950UZKATMB



    Looks like the middle letters or at least one of them for sure represent the color.  If they are truly the same model now with the exception of locking and carrier software which would be represented by the the last 3 characters then that should make moving between carriers once unlocked a lot easier.

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      • simataas

        Re: Galaxy S8 Model Number

        Yes!  I just noticed this tonight on both my S8+ (SM-G955U) & my wife's S8 (SM-G950U).  Apparently they are unlocked/universal phones:  I'm very pleased - I had assumed the phones I just picked up would be specific to T-Mobile.  I had to purchase new phones to switch to T-Mobile all because my Sprint phones couldn't be unlocked and were not compatible anyway.  Having Sprint specific phones kept me locked-in to their (inferior) service for far too long.  Of course, I hope to be a continuing T-Mobile customer for years to come, but now I have the comfort of knowing I could change carriers if necessary and bring my phones.  Thanks Samsung!