Hook, Line, and Sinker


    About two weeks ago I signed up for new service via telesales with rep Fran. My initial reason for calling was to inquire if the "Business Family Discount" was eligible with the current T-Mobile One (2 for $100) plan. After putting me on hold, to better inform herself, she returned telling me that the 2 for $100 was eligible for the "Business Family Discount". When I explained that I was currently with Sprint and my only reason I would be making the switch to T-Mobile would be if I would get the "Business Family Discount" with the 2 for $100 promo. She assured me that she had looked into it I would be able to apply the discount under the 2 for $100 promo. With her assurance, we went ahead and ordered my new phones and set up new service. Since I had preordered the S8 I had to wait until I received the phones before I could active and port over my number. Fast forward to this past weekend  Sat. 4/22/17, I ported over my number and finished setting everything up. Now I try to setup and link my personal account with the corporate account for the "Business Family Discount" (online via texted link) and I get some "Sorry, we're unable to verify eligibility at this time, try again later". So I though, this is No Bueno. Then I thought, perhaps it's too early, I just ported my number, it's not in the system yet, I'll try later. Sunday, I tried again online, same message. After several attempts I decided to call customer service for some help. They didn't fare much better. They suggested that it still might be too recent from porting, to give it a day or two and on Monday / Tuesday call Customer Care to see what they could do. Yesterday, Tue. 4/25/17, I called the number for Customer Care they gave me to see if I could resolve this matter. I spoke with Sandra, I explained the problem I was having and she said she would try and help. I provided her with my information and the verification code that I was sent and she tried to see what the problem was. After several minutes of trying this, that and the other, it turned out that the 2 for $100 promo was not eligible for the "Business Family Discount". Just about every other plan was fine but just not the one that I was told would be eligible. How do like that. Talk about Bait and Switch. Everything she tried came up the same, no go. By the end of the conversation, feeling frustrated I posed the question, "So I basically have to sit here and take it up (the you know what)"?, to what she replied, "Yeah pretty much, there is nothing more I can do for you but give you a $25 credit on your bill for your troubles". Gee thanks. To say the least, I was pissed. The reason I switch over to T-Mobile was for the "Business Family Discount". I call ahead to make sure that the discount was eligible with the 2 for $100 promo. I was told it was. Because of the that and only because of that I proceeded to sign up with T-Mobile. I can't believe I was duped. Luckily I have been getting all kinds of texts and emails from Sprint telling me that I have 14 days to go back with a bunch of incentives and credits and they would take care of everything. So now I'll look into what they are offing and see what benefits me more. This isn't the route I wanted to take but since T-Mobile hasn't stepped up to the plate, I feel that my hand has been forced a bit and at the end of the day, it's what is best for me.