Didn't received my S8 yet


         Hello good people,


    anyone having the same situation like me, that didn't get pre-order samsung S8 yet? it's been 22 days I ordered S8. Talked with customer support rep for last 4 days but no solid answer. no one knows about the update of the pre-order. It's still showing on process status, not even got any shipping update. Checked and I already did that EIP agreement and it's showing on my account that I signed that doc on 6th april. anyone else having this issue?

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      • stevetjr

        Re: Didn't received my S8 yet

        I have heard they are back ordered and waiting for another shipment from Samsung, but just what I have heard. 


        One tip though and you will usually get a notification before you get it from TMO and that is sign up for a free MyUPS account and turn on notification.  When something is addressed in the UPS system to your address you will get a notification and 9 times out of 10 sooner than you get it from the TMO system since it has to work it's way thur interfaces back.  TMO ships via UPS and all new device orders come out of Louisville KY. (Also a UPS Hub)

          • tcruise

            Re: Didn't received my S8 yet

            thanks for the info. but my concern is, I ordered on 6th April, people who ordered on later dates, they already got their devices but not me. I thought maybe somehow I did something wrong when I placed my order but Customer rep told that everything is fine for my order. Now the question arises, Can I get VR after all these delays? they're not sure if I will get my VR.


            If I'm not getting my VR, then there is no point to do a pre-order.

          • stevetjr

            Re: Didn't received my S8 yet

            Well of course between colors and model you never know if you just happened to pick the most popular.  Which customer service did you check with 611??  If so you might want to try their FB or Twitter customer service known as T-Force, they are really good and maybe they can shed some light on your order and maybe anticipated shipment date from Samsung if indeed that is what they are waiting for regarding your order.


            I know Samsung said 350,000 of the free VR's would be available and I know you have until May 14th I believe to claim it but that is of course assuming they still have them.  I know they ran out of the 50K $99 pkgs already but haven't heard anything about the "free" VR yet nor is there anything posted on their site about the "free" package unlike the $99 pkg.