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    what if my t-mobile hotspot doesn't connect with my device

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      • barcodeable

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        Are you using your phone as a Wifi Hotspot... or are you using one of those Wifi Hotspot devices??? There are a bunch of trouble shooting guides featured on T-Mobile's website in the form of PDF Manuals that may be identical to the manual you received with your device. It is very difficult to help you solve a problem without knowing what devices you are using .


        Let us know what devices you are using and what steps you have already taken to connect your device via Wifi. It is much easier for the Forum members to assist you when they know what hardware you have. Each device is different .

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: hotspot device

          Good morning!


          barcodeable  a few questions that would be helpful to know the information to. In order for us to figure out why your hotspot won't connect, we need to know what type of phone you're trying to connect it to and what type of hotspot device you're using. Please get back to us with this info so we can get everything straightened out.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: hotspot device

            Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need any help with this.

            • tmo_marissa

              Re: hotspot device

              Hey there! I just wanted to drop by and see if you'd had any success getting your hotspot working. Can you let us know what type of equipment you have and what steps you're following? We're happy to help if you still need assistance!


              - Marissa