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    I have a problem that I have been having for a long time it happened on my s7 edge and my new s8.  I like to use android messages instead of the stock samsung messaging app. However some of my text messages will not come to android messages only to the stock app.  I also tried the 3rd party app called textra and had the same problem.  This started happening when I signed up for digits beta.  I have left the beta but the problem has persisted.  It has always happened with sms that comes from email  and also short coded sms.  It happens with others whether is be a group text or just with one person but not on a regular basis.  Even just opening both apps the 3rd party apps do not show the full history even if you uninstall the 3rd party app and resinstall.  I have deleted all of sms history trying to fix this problem and that did not help.

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        Good news/Bad news for you on this one.  The bad news is that the 3rd party applications aren't compatible yet with DIGITS and the new T-Mobile infrastructure.  There have been a lot of fundamental changes to how messages work and the type of messages that get sent by the network including the addition of Advanced Messages (RCS) which none of the 3rd party clients currently handle based on carrier integration.  So for some of the messages that you receive, they are being received differently since your handset is provisioned for DIGITS service (even if you don't log in), thus in this way you'll get any messages that you might send from your PC or other device are replicated back to your Samsung device in a manner that a 3rd party can't currently interface with.  Similarly the 3rd party apps don't handle RCS messages either which means that some of the messages can only be delivered to the native application regardless of settings.  The last piece is that even some of the legacy delivery of messages are being re-routed to utilize some of the new networking core rather than using legacy systems and thus again being handled from the native applications.


        As the standards are adhered to and as Google and others implement carrier based RCS messaging and some of the new standards that DIGITS relies on, then it will be easy to switch between different apps based on your preference.  Until then the Samsung implementation is actually quite advanced and can do some functions that aren't available yet to 3rd party messaging apps.


          Thanks for reaching out and helping out with DIGITS!