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Fraud victim: How do I report T-Mobile to authorities so they have to resolve? Help please!


    Issue 1: I'm being charged for my free phone (free via trade in)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I traded in my phone for a Samsung S7 in February. There was to be no equipment cost, due to a promotion at the time. However, my bill shows a $360 equipment charge. I've returned to the store and spoken to 5 different customer reps.....who've all been unable to help.

    I was told last weekend that an escalated case would be created, but none was.

    I called this last weekend, explained and waited while they investigated.....and the rep hung up on me!

    2 weeks before, I was told I'd be transferred to a rebate department ....but it was a dealer Q&A line!

    4 weeks before, I was told it was all taken care of.....result: NOT resolved, and my plan amount increased by $20 dollars!

    When I first returned to the store, they assured me it would just take another billing cycle....but that was a lie. Nothing has resolved.


    I'm done calling, and the store is the source of the problem.

    I'm going to the authorities or the consumer protection provided at the federal or state level now. But who?

    QUESTION: Any pointers on how to resolve this? FTC? DOJ? FCC? There's gotta be something? Or maybe just small claims for pain and suffering (i wish).


    Please let me know what's worked for you.

    Very disappointing what has happened here to me by the "Uncarrier."




    Issue 2: They set up an account in my wife's name and never so much as gave us the sim card!!!!! This is fraud, and I see a trend here.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please help. Thank you.

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