Move that bus!


    The finishing touches were added to our beautiful new Support Community this morning and we would love to know what you think. Love the new curtains? Want to know where we moved the coffee? Please share your feedback on the redesign in the comments below!


    cough cough Did we mention how well it runs on mobile now?

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      • artart

        Hi @tmo_amanda

        Getting used to the new site.

        I like it Thanks for the heads up about the mobile site. Looks great .



        • snn_555

          There are several other posts in other threads regarding issues with mobile design and function.  Namely there is no flow or tree having to back up to go 2 pages forward and three pages back to go one forward and five pages forward to go three back.


          Mainly there is just no home page where one can start without bookmarking our own profile page and hunting down the inbox.

            • artart

              snn_555 wrote:


              There are several other posts in other threads regarding issues with mobile design and function. Namely there is no flow or tree having to back up to go 2 pages forward and three pages back to go one forward and five pages forward to go three back.

              Hi snn_555

              I am reposting one of those posts here where the support people can see it.since this is the thread they are monitoring.


              One Click Back - Two Clicks Foward !

              If I want to read all current topics in the Magenta Lounge, one after the other, it seems that I must click the back button first. Next step is to click Magenta lounge again. Next I have to scroll down to the last topic I read and click on the subsequent topic.


              I was looking for a next topic or thread button option

              at the conclusion of a thread. Hope that this issue might also be addressed. Thanks



            • gramps28

              I've never received my airline miles from the last forum.

              • snn_555

                This...Message us on My T-Mobile...bubble is all up in my space. Intrusive. Have to type over it.

                  • artart


                    I found the "message us" bubble very annoying.

                    I wasn't going to make an issue of it  but I am glad that you did bring up the subject. It is like having a constant floating (in your face) ad that covers part of the screen all the time. It is though T-Mo wants to constantly remind us (nag us) to send a message. I do not think that was the intent when designing the floating bubble. When I want to send a mesage on a website, I select the "Contact Us" tab. That option certainly works on this website.


                    I think the idea of a prominent "Message us" floating bubble might just be a temporary shortcut for the new website to facilitate  feedback. Of course the primary place to provide feedback is in this thread. So I am adding my feedback to your feedback.


                    Message to T-Mobile:

                    Please ditch the persistant "Message us" bubble!



                  • wtssuperpower

                    I apologize if this has already been addressed elsewhere,  a quick search has not yielded answers.


                    Am I able to edit my own posts?  If not, why not?  And if so,  would you kindly pass me the extra high-magnification lens?  My eyesight just isn't what it used to be.  hahahahaa   


                    Thank you.


                    OOoooookaaaayyyyy...... yeah.   Found it.  That 'quick search' stuff above?  Lies.


                    How to edit your post/comment

                    1. While on your post, select Edit
                    2. Once you're done editing, select Post

                    • artart

                      To T-Mobile website team:

                      My "Edit Profile" page only allows me to enter the field designating my current phone. Also that particular topic / heading box in the form appears blank. There are no other options to add to the bio. The other bio categories appear in my privacy settings, but can't be edited for content.



                      • snn_555

                        I cannot edit a post after submitting it. Not on mobile. I thought this whole thing was a revamp towards being mobile friendly.

                        • snn_555

                          I see this a lot nowadays:




                          • wtssuperpower

                            Did we lose our 'points' from the old site?   I now have a 1 next to my username   and the word "Rookie".   Is this the new version of calling a someone's momma fat? 


                            Anyone have any insight on this issue?

                            • artart



                              The number 3 would be much easier to read if a brighter color is used.



                                • tmo_chris

                                  artart - Fixed


                                  Edit- Got nothing against the blue you wanted. I just saw the darker blue and fell in love. Haha.


                                  Edit Edit- These icons are just place holders until we can get some fancy schmancy custom dev work done. I got wizard like skills in MS paint but that can only take you so far haha.

                                    • artart

                                      Hi Chris

                                      Thanks for brightening up the level 3 icon. It looks a lot "happier" now.

                                      I see that the lightening up of the icon wasn't done in the section that listed

                                      the meanings of the ranks and icons.


                                      Would you consider brightening the color for level 3 on that list also?


                                      I noticed that the level 4 icon on the list looked a little "sad".

                                      I know that nobody has reached level 4 yet, but I think it would be nice

                                      if the level 4 icon looked as happy as all the others on the list.


                                      I really was suprised that you had been able to lighten up the level 3 icon so quickly

                                      in response to my original suggestion. Could you consider brightening the level 4 icon to

                                      make it shine a little better for the first community member who reaches that level?

                                      I would suggest something like this.

                                        Level+4+User+Icon d.bmp

                                      I think the flow and balance of the colors on the list would have a slightly better appearance.

                                      I know you said these are temporary icons, so my current obsevation might really be moot.


                                      Please excuse my nit picking.

                                      I am not sure anybody here thinks I should play the role of an Art critic.

                                      My username is however "ArtArt", my name is Art, and I am an artist, so maybe

                                      I can be allowed to critique some of the "artistic" choices made for the new website.


                                      You are most definitely doing a great job on the new website.

                                      It must be a dificult endeavor, similar to simultaniously painting and paving a bridge,

                                      while continuing to allow traffic to use the bridge.



                                  • rbob

                                    Been on vacation for nearly the last 3 weeks, getting ready to pack up tomorrow to fly back on Saturday. Took a break to see what's up and found this ... unusual forum layout.


                                    I'm sure I'll get used to it over time, but right now I'm not happy, because Change Is Bad™.

                                    • artart

                                      tmo_amanda wrote:

                                      Please share your feedback on the redesign in the comments below!



                                      Re: Posting links in posts and replies.

                                      When I had posted links to internal T-Mobile pages in the past, there  had never been a delay in publishing the post. There had never been a notification indicating that the post was "Currently being moderated". About 4  hrs ago I posted a reply including a link to "" as the source of my information about the current GS8 BOGO promotion..


                                      Surely linking to, shouldn't have triggered  a review of the link before allowing it to be posted. To verify that the link was the problem requiring moderation, or review; I re posted the reply using the text only "",  instead of the insert link feature. The reply was published instantly with no problem. The time stamp difference between the two replies will be the amount of time it takes to OK the posting of T-Mo's own url.


                                      I clicked the link in my unpublished reply (awaiting moderation) and the link resolved to "about:blank".



                                      What is the best way to report glitches such as these?  Is there a glitch button? PM someone? Just keep posting here?

                                        • tmo_amanda

                                          That's pretty interesting, Art. While I'm not 100% sure why a link is being moderated post-upgrade, I do know that we have a different system in place for spam/moderation. I'll take a closer look at this and run some tests so we can figure out what's going on. As far as your questions, you're welcome to send me a PM with screenshots attached, if needed.