Transfer account or line ownership


    What are the benefits of transfering an account to another person or business?


    I read on the page detailing the requirements ( for both parties) of doing such a transfer and it clearly states the recipient has to "choose a plan". If i wanted to transfer my Simple Choice Plan with 5 unlimited lines which includes the family stateside international feature to my cousin, why would my cousin be required to choose a plan if im already transferring a great plan to him?


    Im really confused... Im not actually needing to transfer my account at the momment, but i'm interested on how it works (just in case i need to transfer ownership in the future).



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      • tidbits

        Re: Transfer account or line ownership

        It's basically superficial thing unless you have discounts, grandfathered, or promotional offerings which may not transfer over.

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Transfer account or line ownership

          Hey, barcodeable!  Essentially, you'd transfer the ownership of one or more lines on your account if you no longer wanted to be the billing responsible party for them.  Sometimes that means you're a kid who wants to take the reins and move your line from your parents' family plan, sometimes family members switch lines between accounts... there are a host of reasons you'd complete a transfer, but the benefit would be that the financial and decision-making responsibility are transferred.

          The "choose a plan" step is included in the event that the party receiving the lines doesn't have an active account already, or only has a single line plan and will need to switch to a family plan.  Transferring ownership doesn't really mean that you're transferring the plan so much as transferring ownership of one or more of the lines.  Sometimes, the plan can move, too - but tidbits is right, it depends on whether or not the plan is grandfathered - those plans wouldn't be available to a new user, although existing account holders are welcome to keep them for as long as our billing system supports them; and of course if they ever need to be migrated, we will find our customers the same or better services for the same or better price.


          - Marissa

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