Prepaid customers now treated very poorly. Anyone else have this problem?


    Seems like something has changed with how t-mobile treats prepaid customers in the last 6 months or so.  I've had multiple prepaid accounts in the past that I use for my business, family, and church.  Lately, any time I call into prepaid customer service I'm routed to a phillipino call center.  These reps are incredibly rude and I've been hung up on multiple times!  Even by supervisors! 

    Its not uncommon for me to purchase paid off tmobile phones and unlock them so we can give them to our missionaries doing service missions in our church overseas.  Now I cant even do that.  Even after making a $100 refill on my account and even though all the reps (the few nice ones) tell me that I'm 100% qualified I still get emails coming back saying that they denied my unlock request and to resubmit.  It takes a week to get a response back from the Unlock Team and good luck trying to resubmit after that.  T-Mobile has definitely made it nearly impossible to unlock a phone from a prepaid account even when fully paid off!!  Pretty sure I'm done with T-mobile since so much emphasis has gone into not allowing unlocking anymore.  Bring back the old way!  I used to only have to wait 2 days max to get my phones unlocked!!! SMH

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