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    I just got a new S8 and it is absolutely terrific!


    I am having one challenge that I need some assistance with. When I set up my EMail account, I used the EXACT same server setting as I had on my old S4 (to include delete EMail from server, when deleted from Inbox); with my old S4 whenever I deleted a message on it, it was gone so that when I looked at my EMail on my PC, it was like I said gone.  That is not the case, however, with my S8 -- EMail seem to stay on server despite my deleting them on my phone.


    Also, how do I synch "immediately"?


    Thank you very much

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Synch'g EMail

        This is a great question! Are you using the default email application on the phone or are you using a 3rd party email application that you downloaded from the Google Play store?

        • rsnic

          Re: Synch'g EMail



          I am using the default EMail app, the one that comes stock with S8.


          Well, I figured both questions out:

          * To sync "immediately", you diagonally swipe the screen and it will cause a new sync

          * I have my PC's Office Outlook using POP3 and it takes off the server whatever is there.  When my Samsung S4 was alive, I also had it set up for POP 3 with delete from server when deleted from in box setting; it worked super.  I tried that on my S8 and no joy -- hence my question.  To get the same effect as my old S4, I finally figured it out that I had to use IMAP on my S8 -- so if I read something on my phone it stays on server and if I delete something on my phone, it comes off of server -- that way when I fire up my PC, all is well. 


          Kind of strange that to get the same effect I had to change to IMAP -- oh, well so it goes!