Why won't my "Digit" registered phone ever register?


    I've been part of Digits beta test since it began. I'm supposed to be able to get texts and make calls from a PC. However, this is what I get whenever i try to log on.


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      • kccasey

        Contact the digits team for them to properly provision your digits lines.

        It might be an issue with the IMEI number that needs to get reprovisioned.

        • debjitjdv

          Just want to double check couple of things:


          1. First of all, this has nothing to do with IMEI number of your device. DIGITS is provisioned based on SIM ICCID which is a 19 digit numbers at the back of SIM card. Once it was provisioned, it should stay provisioned until you swap SIM card for some reason.


          2. Did you update your browser in some time recent past? If that has happened, please clear your cache and cookies and retry.

          3. Use some other browser other than what you are using now.

          4. When you are trying to register, please make sure you have given the app location permission. DIGITS web app needs explicit location permission to be able to register the phone number with the server.


          My strong hunch is that your DIGITS web app location permission got revoked somehow and hence DIGITS is failing to register the number. Please keep posted after you perform this basic troubleshooting steps. I would actually prefer you to do these steps even before calling DIGITS team. Because most likely it will resolve your issue and even if it does not, this additional info in your bug report will help the engineers to localize the bug more efficiently.