Gamification Changer


    Greetings fellow community member gamer gurus!

    The much anticipated wait is over, and we've got a snazzy new site for you to play around. Yay! With this awesome new site, comes an even more awesome, newly designed gamification system. Do you have a thirst for points? Are you finding yourself craving the highest score? Can you picture you name in bright lights, and the crowd cheering your name as you hoist a trophy over your head to signify your awesomeness? (Clears throat) Well, we might not be able to help out with that last part, but take a look at some of the Gamification Changers we've included into our all new system.



    Points Resetting

    I know what you're thinking: "Say whaaaat?! Where did all points go!" Please, take a deep breath and let me explain. With our much more awesome new system, the previous structure wouldn't allow us to carry that over. As a result, everyone does have to start fresh. We want to let you know this upfront, so we're all on the same page. Keep in mind, you're a gamer, and gamers live for the challenge, and the competition. This fresh start will give you a chance to prove yourself as the supreme overlord of all challenge and digital king of the hill. With new "faces" coming here everyday, there's always gonna be someone after the crown. So, don't worry, we've got the right balance of challenge, competitiveness, and plenty to do so you'll be able to rank up very quickly, but not too quickly.



    Rewarding top 5 leaders

    Wanna be rewarded for all your hard work? Who doesn't? Fortunately for you, our staff's got a game plan all worked out for folks that just gotta have to that "trophy" on their mantel. Everyone likes a little friendly competition and with prizes on the line, it makes it victory that much sweeter. For our top 5 users who owned on the previous version of support, we gotcha covered. We've decided to send you fantastic folks some real life swag just for what you've ALREADY done! We'll be reaching out to get the winners' info so they can get their cool stuff. So, on behalf of our Support Staff, thank you. We really appreciate it. Now stand up, and give us that heartwarming. Academy Award Winning speech you've prepared!



    New and improved system

    You ever open a new gaming console or computer fresh out of the box. You take a deep breath and smell that new plastic smell! While almost nothing can be replicate that rush you get, we do have something just as sweet! We've revamped all the missions and an all new points system that'll make it worth your while. I know what you're thinking:"So, what the heck do you get if I do finish a mission?" Well, I'm glad you asked. We're giving away awesome digital and physical prizes to our gamificonqurers! (Ha, just made that up) Our new system is a 0-6 ranking range with some stylishly designed icons. Wanna take a closer look? Just click here and marvel at our new creation!


    So, now that you know all about our new gamification system, it's time to give it a test drive. Grab those keys, put on your helmets, and start your engines my fine gaming community. On your mark, get set, GAME ON!

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