2 lines for $80

    I live in San Francisco Bay Area. I simply love the 2 lines for $100 plan that was launched recently. I want to take that plan and also an iphone7plus from t-mobile store.



    My friend recently got that same plan for $80 instead of $100 (he was given some additional 20% discount in the store). But the store associates tell me that I can't get that 20% discount anymore :-(



    I desperately need this plan for $80 per month. I am willing to take it right at this moment. Is there a way in the world that I can get those 2 unlimited lines plan for $80 (instead of $100)...plz plz plz??


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      • tidbits

        Re: 2 lines for $80

        I believe it's for new customers on a promotional code thing from employees. Since you are not a new customer you can't get it.

          • ankitbullu

            Re: 2 lines for $80

            I'm a new customer. Both me and my wife are on ATT right now and we are planning to switch to TMO, but only if we get this offer for $80 (per month) for both the lines :-(

            Am kind of desperate for it and need it real bad. My budget constraints won't allow me to take it for $100 per month.

          • barcodeable

            Re: 2 lines for $80

            T-Mobile currently is the pioneer of promotional deals, and have been for years now. I'm sure if you are patient enough and 'wait for it' a great new promotional deal will pop up before your eyes....  if its not in May or June.... i'm sure T-Mobile has something MAGenta up its sleeve for 4th of July  

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: 2 lines for $80

              Hey, ankitbullu!


              po , is correct. The hook-up promo expired at the end of last month. As mentioned by barcodeable , we do have different promos that are run throughout the year that you may be eligible for. Let me know if you have any other questions.