San Diego one bar signal strength


    I've been living about a mile from San Diego Downtown, and never have more than one bar, with dropped calls and cut-outs. Anyone else have the same experience in San Diego?  A customer of mine in the same neighborhood has the same problem.  We thought maybe it was because of planes flyover (the airport is about 2 miles away), but that seems unlikely. 

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: San Diego one bar signal strength

        If that one mile happens to put you on a Navy base, that may be the problem. I don't know if T-Mobile has ever been able to put a tower on the Naval facilities in San Diego. Service in Coronado is not very good. There's only one tower there. I don't think they have band-12 fully deployed in that market at this time.

        • tmo_chris

          Re: San Diego one bar signal strength

          Hey spencediego,


          We want you to have the best coverage available. I can’t see your exact area to be able to determine if there is an outage or anything but I would recommend that you Contact Us so that our tech support team can have a closer look.

          • olongapo2200

            Re: San Diego one bar signal strength

            T-Mobile gives me 1 bar anywhere on Coronado, CA, especially on Naval Air Station North Island. This has been a complaint for years yet, still is an issue.  The base is miles from Mexico yet I can get a signal from a roving carrier from Mexico (Movistar)!!!  It’s 2019 T-Mobile!


            How did you entice military folks into your “awesome” plans but not even service the areas they work?  I put up with this for over a year now and got tired yesterday when I had an emergency.  Funny how every other carrier has excellent coverage but you don’t.  T-Mobile customers get laughed at on base. You’re about to lose this customer.

              • magenta9878061

                Re: San Diego one bar signal strength

                I’m with ya, I called T-mobile and the only thing they said they can do is send a signal booster which would be free. But if you walk through our hanger bay on base there’s already a bunch of signal boosters scattered throughout the building and they‘re not helping anyone. Even Verizon was having an issue until they started filming Top Gun 2 then suddenly Verizon puts a tower in the parking lot. Now Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T customers all have great signal. AT&T isn’t the best but it’s bearable in and around that building. T-Mobile refuses to do anymore but give us these useless signal boosters, you kind of need signal around and present to boost but there isn’t enough. Oh well a lot of people have already switched and I’m about to join them soon as well. I switched because I was paying about $260 to AT&T for 3 lines including all the cell phone payments and T-Mobile was able to do it for $200-220. SOMEHOW now my bill has creeped up to $270. No reason to stay now, same price, no signal, still running older model phones.