Android 7.1 LG G6?  Do we have an ETA?  Tired of all the bluetooth issues....


    Does anyone know if there is a timeline yet for the Nougat update for the G6?  I have several Bluetooth devices that are not functioning properly and are awaiting updates.

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      • tidbits

        Between now and the end of the world.  Carriers have to wait until manufacturers finish working on the code.

        • whmehlig

          Hi, I have been having bluetooth issues with this phone since day one. It does not happen with all bluetooth devices but it definitely happens with my Pioneer Head unit in the car. Sometimes it also depends on the application used. The strange this is that it does not happen all the time, but when it does it happens frequently. I also noticed that the headunit will get stuck in voice command mode after using voice command, also the phone will answer calls by itself even though this feature is turned off in the settings. The message is "Bluetooth device has stopped working". This obviously did not happen with my G4. I have cleared Cache and all bluetooth devices, and have also cleared them on th Head Unit. I do have another Pioneer head unit in another vehicle, different model and it does the same thing. I have seen many people reporting issues with car units in other vehicles.

          Hoping for a quick update, I know weird things are bound to happen with new phones. I really like the phone, this is the only real anoying issue.

            • efinix

              I've got an HTC ONE and I've had issues ever since my upgrade to 7.0 as well. I'd downgrade the OS if unlocking the boot-loader didn't void the warranty. That I can't downgrade back to marshmallow suuuucks.

                • tidbits

                  All you need is the factory RUU and you can flash back down to a lower version.  You can even relock it and remove the warning.  There's a tutorial out there on how to do it. 

                    • efinix

                      Yeah. I'm searching for the OTA RUU for the last Lollipop build before the 7.0 OTA from t-mo. Thing is, I just confirmed my phone is out of warranty, so I might just unlock the boot-loader and put a cooked 7.1.1 ROM on it instead.


                      Thanks for the reply. I knew there was a path to the sea, but I was hoping that t-mo would acknowledge the issue and make that path policy.

                        • tidbits

                          The problem isn't T-Mobile.  People assume they have to do with the coding of a device.  HTC own timeline shows that T-Mobile has little to do with it.  HTC has to come out with a fix if need be.   If they don't T-Mobile has no recourse.

                            • efinix

                              I wouldn't presume to understand why 7.1.1 has been out for so long, yet it is not packaged for my t-mo phone. Could be HTC. Could be t-mo. It doesn't really matter to me since that's not my point. 7.0 breaks bluetooth in all sorts of ways. While 7.1.1 would seem to fix these issues, the real problem is t-mo pushing an OTA update that badly degrades a core service and not offering a clear path for resolving the issue (rollback of the update).


                              Again, I can handle this, but it's disappointing that I'm having a conversation with someone on a forum and not a t-mo employee. I mean they did tell me that I could factory-reset my phone to go back to the original ROM build (5.x), but that's not really a solution. What would be a solution is them having a link to the RUU for the pre 7.0 RUU image available for download.

                                • tidbits

                                  HTC 10 isn't on 7.1.1 why would you expect the carrier versions to have it too?

                                  T-Mobile doesn't push out updates...  HTC does and T-Mobile doesn't touch code like the media and people perceive them to.

                                    • efinix

                                      ok, two different things.


                                      First, I expect 7.0 to work. AGAIN, the problem isn't that 7.1.1 isn't available on the HTC ONE M9. I only mentioned that code version since it seems to resolve the issues with bluetooth and 7.0.


                                      Second, if you want to suggest to me that the carrier I pay every month for phone service isn't responsible for the functionality of my phone and the quality of the software pushed out over their network, then I respectfully disagree with you. I never said that t-mo touches code. I'm a network architect, I go to NANOG and IETF meetings, and I know how this works, likely better than you. That t-mo doesn't touch the code doesn't matter to me since what they have done is locked their CID into the phone I own so that I have to hack at it to load software that works. So yes, because they have decided to make the phone I own outright only take code that has their CID (without unlocking the boot-loader, installing TWRP, and taking a chance on a community ROM, all while I risk bricking my device), it is on them to make sure that software works properly. When it doesn't, it is on them to provide a conduit for resolution.

                                        • stevetjr

                                          efinix wrote:



                                          Second, if you want to suggest to me that the carrier I pay every month for phone service isn't responsible for the functionality of my phone and the quality of the software pushed out over their network, then I respectfully disagree with you.

                                          efinix You worded it correct but seem to place the blame in the wrong place.  You stated "...I pay every month for phone service...."  Exactly you pay for service not for the device.  If you do pay for a device it is merely financing but in the end T-Mobile is just a reseller when it comes to the hardware.  If you bought that G6 direct from LG and they gave you the TMO version would you still believe TMO is responsible? If all TMO does is test and approve software how can they be responsible for when an update is made available? As for the update being pushed on their network, the notification is pushed and yes if you do it OTA it is coming over their data network but the updates actually come of the manufacturer's servers not TMO's.


                                          Yes TMO branded phones are carrier locked but that is just a SIM lock and some of the carrier software is locked to the device.  Obviously if you pay the device of or bought it outright they will unlock it.  Now I would agree with you that if some of the "bloatware" was causing an issue with a device then that would be on TMO since they either developed themselves or contracted development of that software even if the device manufacturer embedded and locked it in to the device software.  But core Android or Overlay software is all on the device manufacturer.

                            • stevetjr

                              That is weird and wonder if it is something with 7.0 and LG's overlay causing the issues??  I had the Galaxy S7 Edge on 7.0 and now the Galaxy S8 on 7.0 and haven't had any issues with Bluetooth.  I use BT on my Gear S3, Gear VR remote, Car Head Unit (VW) and Moto Hint.