Separate IDs for other accounts on the main account




    I have three lines on my account.  I don't want any of the other two people to be able to log into Digits and view my texts, calls, etc.  Is it possible to have a separate logon ID for every account?


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      • tmo_evan

        Yes.  In fact in general if those lines are with other people you shouldn't have them associated with your T-Mobile ID.

        What you can do is to have each of the other people to sign up for a T-Mobile ID for the line that they use.  In that way they'll have access to the number(s) associated with their T-Mobile ID and not any of the other lines.


        Do note that during the beta, those new T-Mobile IDs won't be able to access or use the DIGITS application until if/when we expand the beta to include other people.

        • tmo_marissa



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