People think I'm a telemarketer??


    So today I received a call from a very angry woman who left me a very nasty voice mail insisting I am telemarketer because I've been calling her nonstop for however many days. Except, I dont even know this woman and the only phone calls I've made in months is to my own voicemail. I've told her I haven't called her but she really believes i'm a telemarketer. Ive just now received another call from an angry man telling me the same thing. I haven't called anyone, I even sent them a screenshot of my outgoing calls and none of them are to these people. Is there any way to make this stop? I really don't appreciate these angry people calling me for things I haven't done. Is there anything tmobile can do? Will I just simply need to change my phone number? Is anyone else finding themselves geting calls from random angry people all of a sudden?? It's weird because both of these people have really similar numbers to mine except for the last four digits. Idk whatever the issue is it needs to stop because I'm just as aggravated as these people.

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