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    My name is Shaniqua B. Currently I'm with at&t and wanted to switch over to tmobile through the buyout program yesterday. I was in the store for about an hour or more getting all of the phones activated on the new account when suddenly I was told that the credit limit had been reached and that I would have to pay $800 out of pocket. This is unacceptable to me. How can tmobile claim it will buy you out of a contract with another carrier when they won't allow for you to add how many lines you had with the other carrier. The only way I could have gotten the phones was if I downgraded and that isn't fair at all. This is how new customers will be lost. I just want to have this resolved and get the phones that I want without having to pay a ridiculous price. I should be able to have as many lines as I've been approved for.




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        Credit limit is based on score and report. The number of lines approved is different than the models of phones you choose. The buyout promo is covering the lines under att contract or device payment balances on att.  So based on credit you have options within that limit as to the phones you opt for based on price.

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            Now it is possible, now we have been with T-Mobile for 10 years and many problems even a representative committed fraud and said we sold a phone for drugs or money! Well my wife tweeted the ceo and after a couple of days that T-Mobile they will help nobody did ! Well the CEO of T-Mobile just tweeted my wife and gave her his email to figure everything out! So hopefully all this works! Now my wife did tweet what was going on and still no answer , to our bill being wrong, what I said about the representatives and also getting wrongly charged for a phone we never even had and even a cell spot charge, that we returned 3 or 4 years ago! Now also my wife iPhone 8 Plus showed up dam and she talked and Facebook messaged. T-Mobile for a month and a half straight and nobody did anything but lie! Saying T-Mobile doesn’t do buyers remorse anymore and told her November 1st she can get a brand new phone than come to find out that was all alie! she use Twitter and T-Mobile said they moved it up to executive customer relationship but still no call back 3 days later ! So out of the blue we were giving up hope and my wife twerred one more time saying to be treated like this after 10 years is crazy and to have representative like this is not fair to us and accused of selling a phone for money or drugs! How dare they she wrote my husband is active military! Well guess what I guess the T-Mobile CEO did not like that and tweeted my wife his email saying misty please send me a email @ his email! So yeah finally someone who cares!

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            Hey there, sbrown94.  I'm sorry to read about this experience.  snn_555 is correct in the likely explanation here - when you're viewing our site without a T-Mobile account, all pricing estimates shown default to "Well-Qualified".  Sometimes, when we run a potential customer's information during prospective start of service, the information our systems return dictates a different pricing structure.  I know this is never a fun or easy conversation to have, and for a lot of people, it's a disappointment.  It's a bummer to think that you started your day excited to switch to T-Mobile and wound up walking away without completing that plan.

            We would still love to have your business, but I understand that's tough if you're still on the hook for your devices with your current carrier and are in a position where purchasing new equipment with us is not affordable.  If the balance you still owe on your existing AT&T equipment is lower than the start-up costs to switch, then perhaps you could buy yourself out of your current situation and unlock your equipment to bring with you to T-Mobile?  If you do decide to move forward with the switch, but bringing your own equipment or maybe sacrificing the flagship phone route for now, I can definitely tell you that you won't have a high down payment forever.  We implemented a program called Smartphone Equality after hearing a lot of feedback like this - so if you switch and make twelve consecutive payments early or on time, your standing will be bumped to "Well-Qualified" on the thirteenth month.  Even though we can't override this system at the beginning of our relationship with a new customer, we will definitely take your history *as* our customer into account through this program if you choose to join.


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