Bug: Errors in Welcome Screens


    These are simple ones.


    Device: Galaxy Tab E

    Digits App: V1.0.216 (But I have seen it before)


    ISSUE 1: Garbage in main Welcome Screen.

    Steps to Repro:

    1. Install latest update
    2. Start DIGITS app.
    3. Look at Welcome Screen


    Actual results:

    Second line says "... and message. <br/ >"


    Expected results:

    the "<br/ >" should not be present.

    It is my assumption they are trying to put an additional linebreak but accidentally put a space between the '/' and the '>'. However, IMHO, they have enough linebreaks at that position and should just remove the whole thing.



    ISSUE 2: Bad instruction in Contacts Welcome screen.

    Steps to Repro:

    1. After dismissing the main Welcome Screen go to the Contacts tab
    2. Read the Welcome Screen for this tab


    Actual results:

    the last part says "To modify your stored contacts, use the more button on the contacts tab."


    Expected results:

    A) Clarify that it is the more button on the selected contact, not just the contacts tab.

    B) I recommend you clarify the "more" button is the vertical ... button. (The first time I read this, I started looking for a button that had the text "More" on it.) However, if you feel your primary audience are hard-core android fans, this wouldn't be necessary.

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