Would a Sprint Note 5 work on T-Mobile?


    Once my Sprint contract ends, I plan on having Sprint unlock my Note 5 for domestic use. I believe it should fall under their "unlock commitment" program that was making the rounds in 2015-2016.


    From a technical perspective, I am unsure what bands would work with T-Mobile, especially in relation to LTE, VoLTE, 3G.


    I contacted Samsung Chat, and they said that the Note 5 can be used for T-Mobile, even if it's a Sprint device.


    I contacted T-Mobile, and the representative first said "No, it won't work, as it's CDMA and T-Mobile is GSM." When I inquired further, since I know some iPhones and other devices have all the bands built into the phone, she put me on hold and then confirmed that the Note 5 would work. However, I am not too confident in this representative as she did not sound particularly confident when she said the phone was compatible. She also could not answer any of the technical questions.


    I chatted with Sprint, and they said that the unlocking department could help, however, only after my contract ends (end of the year).


    Do you guys know the skinny about whether the Sprint Note 5 would work on T-Mobile?

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