Caller Id request for iPhone & scammer added features


    hello I just have a request I went searching for caller ID for iPhone and so far I've messed with a few of them so far the features on most of them I don't like I like the simplicity of tmobile's ID Caller by hiya for now ill just deal without a caller ID app I hope that Tmobile will come up withone for iphone. I am very new to Apple platform an such things. I will test out the scammer ID and see how it works with iPhone. I would have like to pay a bit extra for added features to the scamme ID like where it's coming from, color code for  severity  for example Red would  indication of  malicious, etc. I have gotten close to giving my per info becuase one caller actually sounded like pge and another like the IRS I am glad my grandmother was their with as she is very wise for her time! Anyways kudos for this featmire.

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