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    Digits App won't let screen turn off


      Some of my phones (Galaxy Note 4 - Running Marshmallow 6.0, and Galaxy s7 - Running Nougat 7.0) have Digits installed.


      When I have my cloned line Active, the display sometimes doesn't turn off after receiving a message.  When I turn the Line State to "Inactive", it turns off after 1 minute (as set in my Display settings). 

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          Can we get some more information?


          Are you running the application on both the Note 4 and the S7?  (The S7 has the functionality natively built-in so you don't even need the application).


          What version of the application are you running, is it the latest update?


          Is there anything about the particular message when this happens, is it an SMS (simple text), MMS (group text message), MMS (picture message), RCS (chat, advanced message)?


          Also when you say "cloned line" is this an extra set of DIGITS that you have, or is it the actual phone number of another phone (or the phone number of the phone that it is on itself)?


          This will help us try and narrow down the issue.


          Thanks for providing us some more information and helping to test DIGITS!