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    New to T-Mobile this week from AT&T.


    Major problem with our iPhones (5S and 6+) with battery drain.  We didn't see this problem with AT&T (had other problems, thus the move), but now having to recharge during the day while we easily made it through the day before.  Coverage maps say we should have strong signals, but trying to understand and correct the issue.  This is a big problem for us and starting to regret selecting T-Mobile.


    Thanks for any help.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: battery drain

        Yikes, stanb42!  We're happy you made the switch, and want it to be entirely free of regrets.  When you take a look at your Usage in Settings, does it seem higher than before, if you had checked it prior to switching?  How does it look compared to the Standby time (Standby is the total time - so really it's easier to think of it as Standby = Usage + Standby)?  I've read (although I've never personally had cause to test this) that the Genius Bar folks can actually plug your phone in and see exactly what's causing a battery drain - but without having that equipment at your disposal, it's a little tougher to diagnose the root cause of battery drain on an iPhone than it is with an Android device, where you can review your settings to see which apps or processes are actually consuming the most battery.  Is your experience with coverage pretty true to the map?


        - Marissa

        • tmo_chris

          Re: battery drain

          Any luck with your battery life? You can see a rough estimate of your phones battery usage and what apps are hogging all the power by going to settings > battery on your iPhones.

          • stanb42

            Re: battery drain

            Hi all,


            I've waited a week or so before responding just to see how things play out.  It seems as things have become more stable after that first few days that our battery usage has returned to levels before we switched over.  Maybe some background activity due to the change over?  I don't know, but it seems to have corrected itself.