Hello, I'm Mustafa from Egypt .. My iPhone 6s Plus (paid off) is locked by T-mobile .. I contacted with their on Facebook Page and they refused because I'm not the original owner of it .. What can I do now? :(


    Hello, my name is Mustafa from Egypt.



    I have iPhone 6s Plus like a new, locked by T-mobile.

    I contacted with Apple and they told me to contact T-Mobile which they're only can unlock your iPhone by providing you (network access code) which will unlock my iphone.



    Because I'm not from USA, I told to T-Mobile on Facebook Page about the problem and they told me you must be the original owner of the device.



    I told them that iphone paid off because it was a gift from my friend !!



    I tried restoring software from iTunes & reset factory setting & network settings.

    I tried everything to resolve this problem but nothing happened.



    Now T-mobile is the only that control the lock on my iPhone and can authorize the unlock. I've checked this link to unlock T-Mobile iPhone: (https://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-1588) and I found that I'm eligible to receive an unlock code for my iPhone.



    My iPhone now is worthless and can't use it .. Please help me to resolve this problem by making it SIM-free or contract free.








    Mustafa Khater

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