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    JOD& more


      good day to everyone I am wondering why do JOD plans pay for taxes, upgrade fee, assesta fee,SIM card, plus a good amount of down payment? I use be able to pay very little to nothing for my JOD upfront now I came out with paying a shocking 100 bucks. For a customer like me that has been with T-Mobile for 3 plus years actually more like since 2008 I would have thought I would make a great deal for my tenure years to play less then most people upfront i upgrade often and it doesn't seem very appealing when i paying a 300 bill plus 100 bucks for an upgrade it should be less for upfront so I can have more accessories bough. Like I don't mind paying 50 bucks out the door just not 100 plus bucks. I hope their. can be promos to pay less upfront.