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    Good day everyone, I ran into interesting trilogy at customer reps today about my loaner phone & apple care. I first contacted apple care for an app as we continued the rep said she could not see me in the system at apple care, the rep mention to ask t mobile about the loaner phone so i did most were not aware of apple care with T mobile, after 5 reps I finally got a solid answer the loaner iphone SE that i have is not covered under apple care only the original. My feed back is their a way to put apple care while  having the loaner covered for I was very concern that something may happen to it. assurant is great but if something were to happen i would have to fork over 175 bucks that a lot of money considering that a screen replacement would have only costed me 29 bucks! Not that i expect to have another phone anytime soon but perhaps about a year yes. I usually try to get the phones with the most storage which usually the case is that the store will not carry it their for I would turn in phone and be left with only a loaner phone. I hope for next that I may contact T-Mobile that the stuff will be train to know the services providing by T-Mobile as I pay a great deal of money to get the best service possible if need be I am willing to pay for more money to get a professional specialist that is well trained i don't care if the person speaks Spanish and is from south america I'll take that person any day as I've got better service from the south america T-Mobile Call center that becomes a very pleasant  overall visit via phone. Magenta really works hard to make a difference in customer end side which think that what makes this a challenge as features and devices sell very quickly for this reason we need to go into rep knowledge training of new services.

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        Loaners will not be covered by Apple Care. I am surprised Apple didn't explain how it works. It's tied to the IMEI and in the event you use it they replace the old IMEI with the new one. If you go through the carrier for warranty it will NOT carry over as Apple will not know the new IMEI or if you pulling a quick one on them.