Gear VR promo frustration


    This is soo painful getting this promo.  Multiple layers of issues.  I think they want you to give up.


    Samsung site impossible to find.

    Promo wants Receipt, I can't find it on my tmo website. Considered taking a screenshot of delivery / order page.

    After several lines of chat, claims it should be in box (which it's not). 

    Somehow when tabbing around I lose chat window, and have to start over again.  Finally they state to call in.

    ok receipt emailed,   Waited 20 minutes, nothing, checked spam several times.. 

    Called in, due to heavy call volume waited 15 minutes. Email sent again, and to a second email address.

    I finally receive it and it states to go to which I all ready did.

    Rep finally states that it can actually be found in EIP agreement and that is accept receipt.

    Back on Samsung web site claims my imei or mac are wrong.  I verify it several times.

    Been on hold with Samsung for 1.5 hours now.


    Total time 3 hours now.

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      • theartiszan

        Re: Gear VR promo frustration

        Right there with you. I was able to get through it but the site acted like I elected the vr bundle only and not the headset sd card bundle I chose.

        • flashfox

          Re: Gear VR promo frustration

          Same scenario here. I was told to wait till Friday after the official launch. I had the same issue with a previous Samsung phone promo and the original GEAR. It would say that the IMEI and MAC were wrong until the day the product was officially launched. You and I received our S8 devices (S8+ for me) before the official launch date.


          Paperwork wise, they need the EIP contract which is available on the My-T-mobile site, top right, documents. When you enter the WiFi MAC address do not enter any columns. The form will add them.

          • sailor17

            Re: Gear VR promo frustration

            Wow, mine was just delivered!

              • flashfox

                Re: Gear VR promo frustration

                My GearVR hasn't been shipped yet even though the Jump swap was accepted and so was my submission on Samsung's site :-)

                  • stevetjr

                    Re: Gear VR promo frustration

                    Got mine yesterday also :-)  


                    One thing I have found when getting the can't find IMEI issue is to go to Samsung US and "register" your device first, seems to then ensure it is in all their other systems.  Heck I registered mine before I even got the phone since once they started the shipping process (even though they sat on it for 5 days) my EIP documents updated and had the IMEI number.