Music Freedom Breaks 3rd Party Spotify Applications


    Hello T-Mobile Support,


    Firstly I'm not a T-Mobile customer myself - so I don't expect you to contact me or to appologise for the issue.


    I'd like to give you some examples of threads on the internet where your customers are complaining about this particular issue where 3rd party apps which connect to Spotify, such as "Pacemaker" and "DJay 2" don't seem to work with your Music Freedom service. I can see one of your customers actually posted in these very same forums months ago, yet this issue still hasn't been fixed. Very disappointing, if I were a T-Mobile customer myself!


    Issue with using the PACEMAKER music mixing app with Spotify on TMobile's service


    The music freedom service designed to allow users to listen to unlimited amounts of Spotify music is infact breaking these applications. Users can prove this by disabling data and switching to a WiFi connection and everything works instantly.

    You'd make many of these customers happy if you were able to escalate this issue to your network team to be investigated quicker, plus prevent more of this bad press from the internet.


    I trust you'll act quickly on this one!

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey there and thanks for coming to support.


        We appreciate you posting about this and I've seen a few folks that have had this issue mention this as well. Any provider listed on our Music Freedom page should work just and we do have ways to troubleshoot this and an engineering team that this can be escalated to for a resolution if needed. We don't want folks to feel like there's not light at the end of the tunnel so anyone can Contact Us and get the help they need for this.