PAH name is caller ID for every line in SC Family Plan


    Headline says it all. I'm not the primary but have full access, and tried several times without success to get the caller ID shown for my # changed to my name. always shows PAH name and this issue is reported by every person I talk to where I've remembered to ask. Ported the # to Google Voice; instantly and all people I call tell me that my name is now shown as the caller ID.


    I would still like to get the caller ID correct on my new number, as would all the other members of our SC Family Plan. Except, of course, for the PAH, who would like to keep his Caller ID. 5 talk lines, 4 incorrect caller id. We would like to shoot for 5 of 5 correct. Any chance that might be doable?


    I've carefully checked my profile on the account page and it is correct and uses the name I would like to see as my caller ID.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Are you calling landlines or cell phones and seeing the PAH's name? If it's for cellphones, that's normally an ID that'll need to be changed on the receiving party's device. For landlines, you may want to have the PAH Contact Us and have the names updated on the account.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey rmnelson!  It sounds like the friendly names on the website are all correct - have you had a chance at this point to contact us to update the Caller ID on each of the lines?  I would like to throw out the caveat that there are two major Caller ID vendors - so when we do get this set up for you, you may notice (after 72 hours) that your Caller ID displays correctly on some other carriers/landlines, but not all.  The other carriers/landlines that use the same vendor that we do will update within the week; but those that use the other vendor will update according to their own internal timeline (this can range from quarterly to annually).  It sounds like as of your original post, the Caller ID names for four out of the five folks on this family plan are displaying incorrectly regardless of who you're contacting (and what carrier they use) - have we made any headway here?


          - Marissa

            • rmnelson

              I've contacted CS a number of times on this, but finally had success last week. I got a Caller ID escalation and within a day both my wife's and my outbound caller ID were correct. This contact was the first during which I was asked for a number I'd called where they were getting the wrong ID. A business I had called several times told me about the wrong CID, and we had a little laugh about it every time I'd call. I gave their number to the CS who helped me and he told me he passed the number up with the escalation. Perhaps it was just to determine if my problem was with cell calls or landline. I had been checking as well with, so I could see online when it got fixed. Interestingly, during previous attempts I would sometimes see a change on, but the change would revert within a couple of hours to the PAH name.


              At any rate, the problem appears to be fixed for my lines in our family plan, and I have passed the idea of asking for a Caller ID escalation on to the others that still have this issue. At some point I would like to port my "real" number back in from Google Voice, but T-Mobile is going to need to enable token based 2 factor authentication to protect my account before I will do that.


              Thanks for your interest!

            • magenta1433269

              I am also having this problem,  my caller id shows the other person's name that is on the family plan and I have called Tmobile to change the caller id to show my name 5 times and its still not working.   I am going to call again today and everyday until the problem is resolved.   This happened when I upgraded from the Galaxy S7 to the Galaxy S8.

              • hmchi

                I have just successfully changed my CALLER ID in my phone in the family plan .. Good news, it can be done .. Bad news, that it had to be done afterwards, that it could have been so easily done at the beginning, had the company been customer focused as they constantly try to sing ..


                Let us take a look at this matter objectively .. From the company, the obvious incentive is to add lines to sell, instead of just one person one line, if you hook in a family plan, and promise great savings and great service, you get to sell several times the number of lines .. Make sense ..


                So, the company knows that they need to give something to get something, thus savings .. but also, the easy one without sweating .. promise them great service ..


                1. Now did they ever really examine what is a family plan ? Let's see .. Their official line is, the caller ID defaults to the owner of the account ! And I asked them, if you yourselves have a family plan, would you want every member of your family plan use your name as Caller ID ? Dead silence ..


                See, providing really good customer focused service is not immediately income producing .. so why bother to put oneself in the customers' place ? it does not pay .. let them come and complain ..


                All the company has to do at the beginning is to ask :

                1. How many lines ?
                2. You do not want all lines to have one common name as CALLER ID, do you ?
                3. Then, what are the names to go on the individual lines ?
                4. Oh, not sure yet ? no problem, you the account holder can go on our site later and change the individual caller IDs, after the site verifications, of course.

                Now after this, how can one have any faith when the company now tells you that they are customer focused ?


                This is a T Mobile specific problem.  Verizon does not have this problem .. although ti is sort of [there but for the grace ..] type of luck for them .. What is really concerning is that this is a German company now .. and their customer service oriented marketing plan is such a moronic exercise .. really sad ..