Lines on S7 suddenly "Not Ready to Use"


    I have been in the Digits beta program pretty much from the beginning and it has worked well.  Today my secondary lines are showing "Not Ready to Use" on my S7 which has multi-line settings.  I have never seen this before.


    The lines have SIM cards which are associated with physical phones. 


    I have tried everything that has been suggested in other posts: turning off Wi-Fi, rebooting, and signing out and signing in, and it still displays that the lines are "Not Ready to Use"



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      • debjitjdv

        Re: Lines on S7 suddenly "Not Ready to Use"

        The reason is you are most likely getting disconnected from IMS network. Its happening to me as well in my S7 Edge. I did not see this issue in S6. May be software issue. tmo_evan may provide further insight.

        • debjitjdv

          Re: Lines on S7 suddenly "Not Ready to Use"

          Yeah. I owned S6 previously and I did not have this issue. Then I had S7 and following that I have S7 Edge for a few weeks. I noticed this error quite a few times in S7 and S7 Edge.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Lines on S7 suddenly "Not Ready to Use"

            Hey eub!  I'm sorry to read this - I wanted to check in and see if you were still seeing this error message on your S7 or if you've been able to use your secondary lines again.  I definitely appreciate the troubleshooting you've done after looking over posts here - have you also had a chance to reach out to our dedicated DIGITS team over the phone?


            - Marissa

            • kccasey

              Re: Lines on S7 suddenly "Not Ready to Use"

              The issue may be with the Digits phone not being properly paired with your line.


              Log in to:  .   Log in with your primary line and double check to make sure your primary line and digits lines are paired up.


              If they are not paired up, Then, Logout of Digits on your handset through Multi-line settings.  When you log out, Make sure you check the Box to "Delete all line data on this device."  This will only remove it from the phone, but not the server.


              Then on the Digits website Portal, pair them up.


              Once paired up, reboot your device.  Once booted up, Turn off Wifi, then log into Digits through the multiline settings.  It should eventually say ready to use.  If you have Spotty T-mobile Coverage in your house, then keep Wifi turned on and and also turn on Wifi Calling 1st before turning on Multiline.  The reason for this, is when there has been a change to Digits, like the pairing of your line with the digit line, It's best to be on the Tmobile network to complete the initial log-in.  Wifi Calling being activate would be considered the T-mobile Network.


              If you're already paired up through the Digits Portal, Double check to see which User ID is indicated as paired up.  If it's different than the one that you've been using, then use the one listed in the Digits portal.  Sometimes what happens, if there was a change of information or service configuration while we are logged in, the phone will retain the old info irregardless of new info being available.  Likewise, similar with the server if the device was logged in at the time of info being modified.  AS a result, our devices stay logged in both on the device and on the server.  By logging out of the device, it sends the server that same log off request and the server will no longer see it logged in on the server side.  When you pair up, the server will refresh it's info.  Then Logging in with your Multi Line should then Link and Sync up with your phone and everything should be refreshed.


              If you're still not able to activate the digits line, then contact the Digits team.  Its probably something on the back-end with the IMEI not being registered correctly and a pairing issue.



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              • tmo_amanda

                Re: Lines on S7 suddenly "Not Ready to Use"

                Hey, eub !


                I'm just checkin' in to make sure you're good to go. Did the suggestion that kccasey provide help out?

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Re: Lines on S7 suddenly "Not Ready to Use"



                  Just want to make sure this was taken care of. Can you give us a reply back and let us know if the suggestion above helped out? Thanks!