Duplicate Sim: Outgoing SMS from primary sent as SMS to secondary


    Hello Beta Friends,


    It's been a while. Ongoing SMS issues for me. Not resolved. I have an older thread detailing how I fixed it for a day. Then it came back and is recurring. I have an iPhone and ZTE ZMax Pro. I use a duplicate SIM and not the app. I also rely heavily on iMessage. Anyone else have this situation and can you provide your trouble shooting data?


    I had turned off iMessage and that a nightmare. This is not an iMessage issue. This issue happens on my ZTE ZMax pro only. Any SMS texts I send on primary iPhone show up in a single thread on ZTE. It's as though my number is sending to itself.


    Situation: Send SMS from iPhone primary number. Recieve SMS from iPhone number on duplicate Sim Zmax Pro. I feel as though it started after the latest Android M update.


    Send an SMS to Joe from iPhone.

    Send an SMS to Ling from iPhone.

    Send an SMS to Barb from iPhone.


    Unexepted behavior: Recieve SMS from primary iPhone number with my outgoing messages from iPhone to Barb, Ling, and Joe.


    Expected behavior:


    SMS Reply from Joe on both phones.

    SMS Reply from Ling on both phones.

    SMS Reply from Barb on both phones.


    Fix for a short while: Switch to Google Messenger and change permissions from ZTE messenger. Forgot which combo worked.  Wiped phone recently and still an issue.


    Workaround: use Google messenger and archive myself. Works for a short while.





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