TMobile false iPhone 7 Black Friday deal


    When TMobile advertised 2016 Black Friday iPhone 7 special,  I called to see if simple choice plan qualify.   I was told by representative that with iPhone 6 trade in I can get the iphone7 for $100.  They email the EIP.  I call with different representative and asked if current plan qualifies for deal.  Again was told yes and the EIP is standard.  The charges on EIP would be reversed within 2 billing cycle.  the next bill came and showed installment for the whole iPhone 7 amount.  Called and representative said I have to be on the T-Mobile one plan.  When I explained that was not told to me, the rep said they will reversed the charges.   The bill showed total amount reversed but add installment amount.  This went on until March 2017,  this one rep said the simple choice plan does not qualify and nothing can be done.  Now I am stuck with extra $50/month.    T-Mobile totally lied.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: TMobile false iPhone 7 Black Friday deal

        Oh goodness, yc84860, this is a really awful experience to read about.  If we dropped the ball in providing the correct parameters for eligibility for the promotion, I am truly sorry.  When we were able to recognize that there were issues because of your plan, did we offer the opportunity to change your plan at that time?  I know that there are escalation processes that we have in place for this type of error - I hate hearing that you contacted us and we failed to implement these options.

        Since our Support Community is a user forum, we don't have the account access needed to work on this issue ourselves, but I'm confident that we can figure out a way to make this right for you.  I know you've reached out previously, and it sounds like this has been ongoing for quite some time - so I don't blame you for being frustrated and feeling done.  If you are able to give us another chance to see what we can do to fix this, though, we'd love it if you could reach out to our T-Force team via social media.  Through Twitter and Facebook we actually do have methods to securely verify your account details so that we can help out here.  Since you're already online maybe this online option will be more appealing to you, and also you can simply copy and paste the URL to this thread since you've typed your concern out already!  Thank you for letting us know how this played out for you - we can definitely do better and we appreciate your feedback.  I hope you'll give us another shot at making this work for you - I know it's not the same as getting it right the first time, but we'd definitely like to try.


        - Marissa