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    Hello, my aunt bought the bestbuy an iphone 7, requested an unlocked, but arriving in Brazil we verified that it is blocked, has a phone number, I do not have SIM T Mobile, how do I unlock to use my SIM from Brazil. thanks

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      • stevetjr

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        T-Mobile cannot provide a carrier unlock for a phone they didn't sell.  You will have to deal with either Best Buy or Apple.

          • alvessuenaga

            Re: Iphone 7

            Apple Brazil reported that only T-Mobile can unlock, so I can use my carrier from Brazil.

              • stevetjr

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                Here is T-Mobile's unlock policy;


                Unlock your mobile wireless device


                First you will see you have to be or have been a T-Mobile US customer to request an unlock code or they will not provide one.  If not the original T-Mobile customer who purchased the phone and used it on the T-Mobile network would have to make the request and meet the above requirements.


                Yes typically the rule is that the carrier that it is locked to is the carrier that has to unlock it.  In this case though the phone was not sold by T-Mobile nor used on T-Mobile so they can't unlock it and why Best Buy sold you a phone that was locked to T-Mobile is strange since they don't sell service for T-Mobile (only Verizon, AT&T and Sprint).  I have heard some iPhones that are carrier locking to the first SIM installed but that is on Apple not T-Mobile and would have required someone inserting a T-Mobile SIM in the phone.  The only other alternative is that Best Buy was shipped some T-Mobile iPhones in error rather than unlocked ones.


                But unfortunately T-Mobile has no way to request an unlock for a device that is not nor has never been in their system.

                • theartiszan

                  Re: Iphone 7

                  Then you will need to find a service online that you can buy an unlock from. You must be a current or past customer of tmobile and used that device on your account to get it unlocked.  If best buy sold it to you under the pretense of it being unlocked,  then they have you the wrong one if it is locked. You can work with best buy and they should get you the correct one of that is the case. This would entail a return of the phone you have and they give you the correct one you should have gotten for an unlocked one.

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