how do i see or listen to my voicemail online


    when I go to my account online I don't know how to see or listen to my voicemail

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      • htghtg

        Welcome, miraclesveda!


        You'll want to sign up for Visual Voicemail (VVM) in order to start checking them online. Once you've successfully done that, you can start managing/downloading your voicemails online and in the application on Androids.


        If you're the Primary Account Holder, you can review and manage your messages using your computer:


        Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.


        Click PHONE at the top of the page.


        In the list along the right, click Check Voicemail.


        On the new page that opens, you have several options:

             Listen to a message: Click the play button just to the left of the message.

             Take action on a message: Simply check the box to the far left of one or more of the messages. Once a message is checked, you can delete,      mark as unread, download, etc.

             Forward a message to an email address: Click Send as email to the far right of a message, add the email recipient in the To box, and then click      Send e-mail.





        • magenta6623436

          I have a visual cue on my iphone saying I have a VM message.  I can click that and see all my new and old messages and play once that I want. But when I can my iphone from a landline I cannot go to voicemail and I cannot see the list of VM messages on my-tmobile computer app

            • magenta6623436

              * I can also listen to VM from my landline phone.  But I cannot see the list of VM messages on my-tmobile computer app


                • magentatechie

                  Hm, very interesting!  You might want to reach out to care to ensure that your Visual Voicemail feature has been added to your line of service.  This is not something that is visible on your, but an Account Expert will be able to see it.  If it needs to be added, you will need to restart your device and give it at least 2 hours to provision on your account.

                    • magenta3349354

                      this feature is CONSTANTLY broken.  And have complained to t-mobile MANY times about it.  In past they've "eventually" fixed it.   A couple of weeks ago, I tried to access my voicemail exactly in the manner given (click on phone and get voicemail).  Nothing showed even though I knew had voicemail.  Contacted support AGAIN, put in a ticket.  Nothing got fixed.  Today I click on same thing and is broken even worse.  Click on voicemail button and get page saying can't resolve page.


                      Apparently t-mobile does not care about people who use this feature.  Even the support guy tried to give me ways to retrieve to voicemail when not at phone.  Gave me phone numbers but didn't work for t-mobile prepaid and don't think any were even 800 like numbers.   I finally had to hunt around on my own to find a solution.    But when at a place that you have to pay for a long distance call (i'm at a hotel right now), I cannot get my voicemail without having the phone in any easy way.


                      thumbs down to t-mobile on this one.

                • magenta3349354

                  Can I ask what I think is a "simple" question on this.... Do t-mobile moderators on this forum actually report issues like this to support to get it fixed or are we just wasting our time coming here???    Feature STILL  broken.   I'll be going overseas soon and I don't want to have to call a US number with international calling rates JUST to get voicemail.... people need to understand that there are many valid reasons to go to the web to get voicemail.


                  I just want to know if I'm going to have to go back to support yet again if complaining here does not good.

                  • magenta3349354

                    I take it that no responses to my question means that any t-mobile person who reads a question here does nothing....


                    And just as an update, now when I go online to retrieve voicemail, I get a "digits signup"....  How nice, now something else that doesn't work.   Every time I try to register in the browser, I get "There was an error contacting the server. Please try again later."    Not sure how many times I'm supposed to try because I've tried from 3 different machines and they all have given the same error over the last 3 days.   So to be disappointed even more, I download the app and it gives me a big white screen marked "Beta"  but only menu items.   Can record my voice and here it play back but wonder how that blank window is going to do anything for me...